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MT Fairy Tale[resolved]


Abandonment ID: 00451
Nom du navire:MT Fairy Tale[resolved]
No. OMI (7 chiffres):9660413
Port d'abandon:Bluff Jetty (BCI 1) Durban, South Africa
Date d'abandon:juin 2020
Date de notification:28 août 2020
Gouvernement ou entité rapportante:International Chamber of Shipping (ISWAN (NGO))
Nombre de marins:8
Circonstances:Requesting for receiving unpaid wages and being repatirated.
Situation concernant le rapatriement:1 décembre 2020: Autres
Flight tickets have been booked for 3 crew which is scheduled on 30th November. Rest 4 crew are expected to get repatriated by mid of December.

The crew have repatriated home.

En attente de rapatriement
All seafarers are still on the vessel.
Paiement des salaires:1 décembre 2020: Partiellement réglé
October month wages have been paid to crew.

En attente de paiement
About 65,000 USD

The crew have received their wages.
Commentaires et observations:Organisation non-gouvernmentale (1 septembre 2020)
Crew have confirmed that they have received wages till June 2020 and the owner has informed them that wages of July and August will be paid in 1st week of September.

Gouv. de Afrique du Sud (5 septembre 2020)
From South African Marine Safety Authority
I can confirm that myself and Captain Mkhize visited the subject vessel on 05 September 2020. As indicated earlier this visit was planned well before the IMO communication. We engaged the Master as well as the crew members.

We found the crew in good health and they were happy to put faces to the names as we have been in touch with them via emails. We can report the following;

1. The vessel is not abandoned but is attached by the BCI Bank of Angola. This was confirmed by the vessel's Master, Captain Mokhlesur Rahman.
2. The bank took over payments of salaries in April 2020 and they paid salaries for April and May 2020. However they have not paid the salaries for June, July and August 2020.
3. The Master informed us that after our communication to the owners and the bank requesting repatriation plans and raising concerns with non-payment of salaries. The bank representative expressed fear that the vessel might be detained and started the process of paying the salaries for June and July 2020.
4. The salaries have not been paid yet due to some complications which are now resolved. The Master will send us confirmation as soon as the monies are in their bank accounts which should be within the next 48 hours.
5. The Port Agent has also been instructed by the bank to search for flights and provide a quote. SAMSA have already provided the Port Agent with information on flights.
6. Five of the eight crew members have expressed desire to go home. The majority of the crew members have been on board for more than nine months with two of them having been on board for over 14 months.
7. Food provisions are adequate. The Master and the crew expressed satisfaction.

Earlier it had seemed that the vessel owners were trying to hold on to the vessel. However the Master has been informed that the bank is now looking at starting the process of fully repossessing the vessel and selling it. One thing that was clear from the visit is that the crew members though in fairly good health and well looked after in terms of food provisions, they are distressed. They have been confined to the vessel for the last five months not being allowed to walk alongside the quay. They are desperate to go home.

We will await payment of June and July salaries before making our next move in consultation with the DCOO which will include amongst others requesting for payment of August salaries and repatriation of the concerned crew members.

Gouv. de Belize (7 septembre 2020)
From International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize
In connection with our below message and after communication with owners of subject vessel, please find below the reason declared by them regarding the overdue payment.

Dear Sir,

We inform you that salaries are delayed because of an event occurred last month. Salaries has been stolen by hackers introduced at the Email account of the Manning Agency BNF therefore money didn’t arrive at the right account. Now as you can see attached proof of payment through swift transfer showing that payment are on the way to the addresses.

Kind regards


Organisation non-gouvernmentale (1 décembre 2020)
Flight tickets have been booked for 3 crew which is scheduled on 30th November. Rest 4 crew are expected to get repatriated by mid of December. October month wages have been paid to crew.

Organisation non-gouvernmentale (15 janvier 2021)
Out of 7 crew, 3 crew have returned home. Remaining 4 are still on ship as some of them tested COVID positive. They have been paid wages till Dec 2020. Crew will be repatriated once they recover from COVID.

Organisation non-gouvernmentale (5 mars 2021)
The crew have received their wages and they have repatriated home. Resolved.

Saisie: vendredi - 5 mars 2021 a 14:36:44
Dernière mise à jour: mercredi - 10 mars 2021 a 08:04:55
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