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Jeddah Palace I (Al Fahad 1)


Abandonment ID: 00695
Ship name:Jeddah Palace I (Al Fahad 1)
7-digit IMO no.:7721146
Port of abandonment:Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Abandonment date:1 June 2022
Notification date:7 October 2022
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:ITF
No. of Seafarers:12
Nationalities:Sudan(2); Syrian Arab Republic(10)
Circumstances:P&I : Unknown

1 seafarer (Chief Engineer) from Syria has been on board for 10 years (since September 2012) and has not been paid for 82 months (almost 7 years)
There remaining crew have not been paid for between 2 and 5 months.
All seafarers are looking for repatriation.
Actions taken:20 September 2022: Flag State informed
Contacted the owners. Vessel is now believed to be flagged under Tanzania flag and they have been requested to assist Saudi maritime authorities have been informed of the particular very worrying situation of the Chief engineer on board.
Repatriation status:7 October 2022: Repatriation pending
Payment status:7 October 2022: Payment Pending
The total wages outstanding is US$190,000.
Comments and Observations:Govt. of Panama (14 November 2022)
Please be informed that the vessel “JEDDAH PALACE”, with IMO No. 7721146 was ex-officio cancelled from Panama Registry, through the Resolution No. 106-CA-035-DGMM of May 28, 2021. So, Panama lost his exclusive jurisdiction over such vessel, as per Article 91 and 92 of UNCLOS.

ITF (27 November 2023)
The Syrian seafarer situation remains unresolved, he is still on board after 11 years and it owed 9 years wages. 4 of the 5 Syrian seafarers who joined the vessel last are now owed 6 months wages.

ITF (25 January 2024)
No progress. The mental health of the seafarer is critical due to his 12 years on board and total lack of a solution

International Maritime Organisation (15 May 2024)
At the time of the notification of this abandonment case the flag State was Unknown as it is still today on IMO GISIS, but the flag had been Panama just before the abandonment date so they were also included in the notification. We were then informed by them that they had already cancelled the registration. For as far I can oversee we were not informed about a new registration.

Other (17 May 2024)
From S&P Global

Have just received response from Tanzania confirming registration of vessel.
Whilst registration date , ownership and reg details remain the vessel has changed name to AL FAHAD I.
Updating accordingly.

From S&P Global

Just received confirmation from Tanzania that vessel changed name to AL FAHAD 1 on 6th January 2023.

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