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[Falak G - Inactive]


Abandonment ID: 00043
Ship name:[Falak G - Inactive]
7-digit IMO no.:7208522
Port of abandonment:Rijeka, Croatia
Abandonment date:23 February 2006
Notification date:1 March 2006
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:ITF
No. of Seafarers:14
Nationalities:Pakistan(13); Ukraine(1)
Circumstances:Vessel grounded on 23rd January 2006. Salvage operations concluded successfully but necessary repairs to the vessel were not completed. Vessel is not seaworthy and has been laid up in the Port of Rijeka. Crew on board without food and fuel. Owner is of Pakistani nationality operating from Greece.
Actions taken:13 March 2006: Other
Court case started 13 March 2006.
Repatriation status:29 March 2006: Other
At 29 March: 1 Ukrainian repatriated by ITF. 6 Pakistani seafarers repatriated by owner but thought to be claiming asylum in the Czech Republic. 7 remain on board.
Payment status:Other
Back wages owed from the beginning of engagement ranging from 13-19 months outstanding.
Comments and Observations:ITF (29 March 2006)
Crew claim to have paid fees of between US$1,000-USD4,000 to secure their positions.Those who have not made back-pay claims have received subsistence from the owner, the rest have been refused supplies. After making his claim , the Master has received threats that his children will be hijacked. Chief Engineer advises that contracts have been signed by the crew stating that if they contact the ITF or similar in the event of a wage claim, they will be liable to fines of US$15,000 in Pakistan.

ITF (14 July 2006)
UPDATE: There is now only one Pakistani seafarer remaining on board, four other crew members were repatriated on 5th June. There is no contact with the owner.

ITF (21 January 2008)
The crew members were repatriated and provided with some support funds at the expense of the ITF. The vessel remains in the port of Rijeka awaiting sale. The judge appears unwilling to apply new legislation that would allow the immediate sale of the vessel based on three offers from recognised international ship brokers. It is unlikely that the owed wages will be recovered due to the high cost of port dues.

ITF (16 December 2016)
Case closed but details not available

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