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Markabi Phil


Abandonment ID: 00390
Ship name:Markabi Phil
7-digit IMO no.:9482457
Port of abandonment:Qatar
Abandonment date:January 2019
Notification date:11 April 2019
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:Govt. of Belize (IMMARBE)
No. of Seafarers:8
Actions taken:January 2019: Flag State informed

11 April 2019: Other
The Flag State requested owners/operators to fulfill their obligations, issued a prohibition of sailing notice, contacted the insurance company to apply the MLC, 2006 requirements and finally contacted the ILO for further assistance.

Repatriation status:23 April 2019: Other
The Insurance company, MS AMLIN has made the following efforts:

Starting from the Scout, after strenuous efforts and constant communication, they have been advised that the crew has been paid and that repatriation has been taken care by the owners (Trelco).

As for the Markabi Phil, they wrote to Trelco requesting an update on whether Trelco has effected payment to the crew of the Markabi Phil as well.

Finally, as regards the Markabi Griffin the insurers are afraid that they can't assist with the vessel for two reasons.
1. Their crew is detained by the Qatari authorities as they are accused of a crime and they cannot step in.
2. The alleged crime took place at 4/9 and MS AMLIN became the insurers at the end of November. Until the matter is clarified, it is only the embassies that can assist the seafarers, and MS AMLIN have informed them about the situation. If the issue of detainment is resolved, then any issues pertaining to the insurance policy haS to be dealt with by the previous insurer, as the matter arose before MS AMLIN insured the vessel.

3 May 2019: Repatriation pending
Payment status:11 April 2019: Payment Pending
88'613,76 USD payment due

3 May 2019: Payment Pending
MV SCOUT IMO#9319492, please be informed that all crew members were paid (evidences attached) and will be repatriated this Saturday May 5th, 2019 according to the attached E-Tickets. Remaining salary from the date of the last payment until the repatriation date will be given onboard. As soon as we have the final confirmation that all crew members are finally repatriated, we will inform you accordingly in order to close this case.

MV MARKABI PHIL IMO#9482457, according to our information, as soon as all crew members from MV SCOUT are repatriated, they will follow. We will revert with more information upon available.

MV MARKABI GRIFFIN IMO#9482469, please note that we managed to get in contact with crew members and they confirm that after several months of court hearing regarding the accusation to them, the court gave its judgment and acquitted them; therefore, we are in connection with them for further information and actions to be taken in order to repatriate them as soon as possible.

Govt. of Belize

Comments and Observations:Govt. of Belize (12 April 2019)
The insurance company MS Amlin was called by our Administration to apply the coverage in accordance with MLC, 2006 requirements with the intention to repatriate all crew members and to pay all outstanding, but at this stage they decline our request for this.

Govt. of Belize (23 April 2019)
Please be informed that we are waiting for evidences of the payment and repatriation of all crew members of MV SCOUT.

We also requested a due date for the closing of the case of MV MARKABI PHIL along with evidences upon completion. It is our understanding that this case will be closed soon according to the information received from owners/operators.

Last, please note that we are waiting for further information about the reason of the detention of crew members of MV MARKABI GRIFFIN and what kind of crime accusation is under process. Upon available, we will revert to you.

Govt. of Belize (24 April 2019)
- MV SCOUT IMO#9319492, all crew members are in possession with all outstanding and are about to be repatriated. Case almost closed.

- MV MARKABI PHIL IMO#9482457, according to owners/operators all outstanding will be paid on April 27th, 2019 and crew members will be repatriated. As soon as we receive the payment confirmation and repatriation details, we will revert.

- MV MARKABI GRIFFIN IMO#9482469, this case still under investigation as according to the information received, all crew members seems to be under arrest since September 2018 (no any official information received) due to unknown reasons and the insurance company cancelled the coverage because they were unaware and no one inform them about this situation when they certify the vessel on November 2018. As soon as we are in possession of more information, we will revert accordingly.

Govt. of Belize (3 May 2019)
MV MARKABI PHIL IMO#9482457, according to our information, as soon as all crew members from MV SCOUT are repatriated, they will follow. We will revert with more information upon available.

Eng. Eduardo Simon
Technical Manager (Ag.) Technical Department
Belize Maritime Authority (IMMARBE)

Govt. of Belize (22 May 2019)
Our Administration is currently under continuous communication with owners/operators and they confirm that needed actions are taken by them in order to fulfill their obligations.

Last communication with them was today with an update of the situation of their vessels at Quatar. According to their information, the status of their fleet under the same situation is as followed:

1. MV SCOUT Crew salaries paid up to April 30th, 2019.
2. MV MARKABI PHIL Crew salaries paid up to April 30th, 2019.
3. MV MARKABI GUIDE Crew salaries paid up to April 30th, 2019.
4. MV MARKABI GRIFFIN 50% of crew salaries have been paid.

They also declared that cases 1, 2 and 3 are already closed; nevertheless, our Flag State Administration sent a notification to the ITF in order to confirm that in effect these cases can be closed. We are waiting for their information in order to finally confirm to you the closing of these cases.

In reference to MV MARKABI GRIFFIN, we are waiting for a confirmation from owners/operators as when the remaining 50% will be paid and crew members will be repatriated.

As soon as the above is confirmed, we as done during this period will inform the IMO.

Entered: Friday - 26 April 2019 at 17:53:59
Last updated: Wednesday - 22 May 2019 at 14:18:01
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