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[Avonmoor - resolved]


Abandonment ID: 00348
Ship name:[Avonmoor - resolved]
7-digit IMO no.:9145279
Port of abandonment:Malta
Abandonment date:29 September 2017
Notification date:5 December 2017
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:ITF
No. of Seafarers:13
Nationalities:Egypt(6); India(4); Jordan(1); Lebanon(1); Romania(1)
Circumstances:Probable owner financial problems
Actions taken:Other
Negotiations with owner, involving PSC to the extent of having the vessel detained, pressure with charterers, port providing berth and local agent communication/coordination with ITF London
Repatriation status:Repatriated
Now all crew repatriated
Payment status:Paid
USD 58K+ paid to all repatriated crew
Comments and Observations:ITF (5 December 2017)
P&I certificate had expired on 23rd Sept.2017. It was renewed for the purpose of shifting the vessel but now expired again. P&I refused to acknowledge that the crew were abandoned in spite of the case meeting the criteria set out in A2.5.2. They maintained that the owner had not severed ties with the crew in spite of non-payment of wages for more than 2 months.

New ship management have been engaged. Seems to be working. The chief engineer is the only repatriated crew still to receive his $6K+. He left the vessel after reaching a separate agreement himself with the owner.

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