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Marvin Confidence[resolved]


Abandonment ID: 00559
Nom du navire:Marvin Confidence[resolved]
No. OMI (7 chiffres):9820295
Port d'abandon:Rotterdam, Netherlands
Date d'abandon:1 juillet 2021
Date de notification:8 juillet 2021
Gouvernement ou entité rapportante:Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF)
Nombre de marins:13
Nationalités:Russie, Fédération de(11); Ukraine(2)
Circonstances:P&I: Steamship Mutual

Chemical/Products Tanker

Vessel is arrested since October 2020. Salaries were paid up to and including April. Salaries for May and June are not paid. Vessel is also arrested by PSC Provisions and fresh water were provided by Marvin Shipping until June. The provisions stock is running out fast. Currently there are some crew members who have decided to leave the vessel.
Actions entreprises:20 mai 2021: L'Etat du Pavillon à été informé

In constant contact with the crew, DPA and Agent
Flag State and P&I Club informed. Both confirmed receipt of the email. Crew have signed authorisations forms. A lawyer has been appointed.

Situation concernant le rapatriement:En attente de rapatriement
Seafarers are awaiting repatriation.

Paiement des salaires:6 janvier 2022: Réglé

En attente de paiement
US$ 260,000.

Partiellement réglé
Commentaires et observations:Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF) (10 août 2021)
Salaries have been paid up to and including April. May, June, July and August have not been paid.
Between April to the end of June the crew change was postponed a number of times.
All crew have signed the ITF authorizations forms.
July 9th, Marvin Shipping arranged a final repatriation for all crew on July 9th but on the evening of the July 8th Rotterdam Port Authority (RPA) boarded the vessel and prevented the repatriation due to safety issues in the Port
ITF appointed lawyer has seized the vessel on behalf of the crew, and has filed summary proceedings for late payments and violation of human rights. July 13th was the summary proceedings and on July 22nd the judge ruled in favour of the crew
The vessels will be auctioned on September 24th
Currently the lawyer of the RPA and the ITF appointed lawyer are working to get the crew repatriated as soon as possible.
At present there is still enough provisions, bunkers and fresh water on board.

Gouv. de Pays-Bas (12 août 2021)
From Perm Rep of the Netherlands to IMO
We are aware. PSC was on board in June 2021 to carry out an inspection. As a result of the findings during those inspections, both ships were detained, among other issues, for non-payment of wages and for expired SEAs. Work is underway to get a replacement crew (skeleton crew) on board. We have also understood that the Port of Rotterdam is making every effort to keep the situation sustainable for the crew.’

Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF) (6 janvier 2022)
I can conform that the seafarers on board the Marvin Faith and Marvin Confidence have received their owed wages and the cases can you bet set to RESOLVED.

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