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Deniz S[resolved]


Abandonment ID: 00458
Nom du navire:Deniz S[resolved]
Pavillon:Tanzanie, République Unie de
No. OMI (7 chiffres):8103389
Port d'abandon:Buragas Port, Bulgaria
Date d'abandon:8 février 2020
Date de notification:12 octobre 2020
Gouvernement ou entité rapportante:International Chamber of Shipping (ISWAN (NGO))
Nombre de marins:4
Circonstances:Unpaid wages and not repatriation.
Actions entreprises:15 septembre 2020: L'Etat du Pavillon à été informé

Seafarers have contacted Flag State and DG Shipping in India.
Situation concernant le rapatriement:En attente de rapatriement
All seafarers are still on ship.

Crew have been repatriated.

Paiement des salaires:1 décembre 2020: Réglé
Crew have been paid 11 month wages at one go.

En attente de paiement
8,000 USD (* ITF reported that the unpaid wages were around 20,000 USD)

Crew have been paid wages.
Commentaires et observations:Organisation non-gouvernmentale (23 octobre 2020)
Crew have confirmed that there is no development regarding 1. Payment of pending wages 2. Sign off and repatriation

Organisation non-gouvernmentale (1 décembre 2020)
Crew have been paid 11 month wages at one go.
They are expected to get repatriated within a week.

Gouv. de Bulgarie (7 janvier 2021)
From Executive Agency “Maritime Administration” (EAMA)
Crew complaint in connection with MLC 2006 of m/v Deniz S, Flag - Republic of Sierra Leone - New (United Rebublic of Tanzania – Old) , IMO - 8103389, has been resolved. The vessel was inspected and released from detention at port of Burgas, Bulgaria on 18.12.2020 at 17:45 hrs local time.
The vessel discharged her cargo at port of Burgas, Bulgaria and will proceed to Tuzla repair yard in Turkey, to rectify outstanding deficiencies.

OIT/OMI (8 janvier 2021)
It could not be verified on IMO GISIS that the registration from Zanzibar (United Republic of Tanzania) would have changed to that of Sierra Leone with IMO Number 8103389. Therefore, I herewith include Mr. Mark Kryzak of IHS Market to do a further check on that information.
Please also further note that according to the database procedures this abandonment case concerning the ‘DENIZ S’ can only be considered as being resolved if, and only if, ILO has received clear advice from ISWAN through ICS that:
.1 the totality of the crew has been successfully repatriated; and
.2 the totality of all outstanding remuneration and contractual entitlements has been paid and duly received by all the crew members.
Therefore, it would be good to hear from ICS on behalf of ISWAN, as well as from Zanzibar (United Republic of Tanzania), further about the status of this abandonment case.

Organisation non-gouvernmentale (13 janvier 2021)
The crew have been paid their pending wages and they have been repatriated. This case is closed now.

Saisie: jeudi - 14 janvier 2021 a 16:37:28
Dernière mise à jour: mercredi - 10 mars 2021 a 08:03:08
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