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Miss Lilie 1[resolved]


Abandonment ID: 00679
Nombre del buque:Miss Lilie 1[resolved]
No. OMI:5298963
Puerto de abandono:Port de Paix, Haiti
Fecha de abandono:28 Julio 2022
Fecha de notificación:3 Agosto 2022
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF)
No. de marinos:5
Nacionalidades:Guatemala(1); Honduras(2); Haití(2)
Circunstancias:P&I : Unknown

Vessel detained by local government on suspicion of arms trafficking and smuggling.
Acciones tomadas:28 Julio 2022: Flag State informed
Provided relevant information to USCG PSC and Homeland Security officers, contacted flag state, requested additional
information from crew members.
Comentarios y observaciones:Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (3 Agosto 2022)
Local authorities have confiscated passports of remaining crew members. The Captain has departed the vessel and left remaining crew to deal with the circumstances. No responses from owners when crew members make requests regarding resolution to the situation. Crew members have contacted their respective embassies in the Dominican Republic as the nearest location to Haiti.

Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (30 Noviembre 2022)
Payments made to the Cook, Chief Engineer and AB. Two Honduran crew received tickets from the owner to travel back to Honduras on 9 August 2022. Guatemalan crew member to depart 16 August 2022. National embassies arranged travel documents in place of the confiscated passports.

Entered: Jueves - 1 Diciembre 2022 09:34:54
Última actualización: Jueves - 1 Diciembre 2022 09:35:19
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