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Abandonment ID: 00614
Nombre del buque:Pruvaline[disputed]
Bandera:Santo Tome y Principe
No. OMI:7615232
Puerto de abandono:Tripoli, Lebanon
Fecha de abandono:7 Enero 2022
Fecha de notificación:12 Enero 2022
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF)
No. de marinos:13
Nacionalidades:Egipto(1); India(1); Jamahirya Arabe Libia(1); República Arabe Siria(10)
Circunstancias:13 seafarers have not been paid for between 8-9 months.
All crew have expired contracts and want to be repatriated.

Ship is fraudulently flying the Flag of Sao Tomé and Principe; this was confirmed by the Sao Tomé and Principe maritime authority 02/02/2022
Acciones tomadas:Flag State informed
Owners & managers contacted
Sao Tome & Principe maritime authorities informed
Embassies of Sao Tome & Principe in Brussels and Portugal notified.
Lebanese and port authorities notified
Estado de la repatriación:Repatriation pending
All crew wish to be repatriated
Estado del pago:Payment Pending
USD 116'567
Comentarios y observaciones:Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (13 Enero 2022)
We have now heard from Sao Tome and Principe advising that Pruvaline/Antalya is flying their flag fraudulently. The ship was formerly called Antalya.

Organisación Marítima Internacional (2 Febrero 2022)
In November 2021 IHS Markit received a Company IMO request for this vessel and were advised ‘owner’ of vessel was to be MADI SHIPPING CO LTD, Marshall Islands. However, there were no further updates received and new ‘owner’ not posted against vessel. Insurer: Unknown.

Santo Tome y Principe (2 Febrero 2022)
On behalf of the Maritime and Port Institute of Sao Tome and Principe to express our satisfaction for IMO cooperation in the matter regarding "Pruvaline" IMO Number 7615232, Sao Tome Flag. As per your request, please allow me to inform and confirm that the said IMO 7615232 is an illegal, fraudulent, false, and unlawful act. We are preparing to take all necessary measures against this unlawful act.

Marshall, Islas (7 Febrero 2022)
The listed IMO #’s do not appear to be real as they do not follow the correct numbering format.

Líbano (17 Febrero 2022)
Reference your below mail received, on 02 February 2022, regarding M/V PRUVALINE IMO No 7615232, the Directorate General of Land and Maritime Transport we like to inform that the a.m. vessel is subject to close monitoring since her arrival to Tripoli port.
We would like to inform you the following:
1. The Tripoli Port Authority in cooperation with the ITF representative in Lebanon are undertaking the necessary steps to resolve the issue of abandoned seafarers and to arrange the repatriation as soon as possible of the 17 Seafarers on board
2. The number of seafarers who arrived to Tripoli port was 13 persons (in conformity with the details provided in your mail), and at a later stage 2 Persons left the ship (The Egyptian and the Libyan Master of the ship), and instead 6 persons joined the ship, so the total number of crew on board is 17 seafarers.
3. On 17 January 2022, a certain amount of money covering 3 months of salaries has been paid to the original crew of the ship.
4. At the moment, the ship is facing a new issue, as 2 different parties are claiming the ownership of the vessel, thing which led to the intervention of the Local attorney and the court.
5. Both parties are claiming that they are the owners, one of them is using the registry documents under Sao Tome Flag, and the other party is in possession of Bill of sale under Zambia flag.
6. Several reserve judicial reservations have been imposed on the ship.
7. The Directorate General of land and Maritime Transport, Tripoli port Authority and ITF are providing the necessary support to the crew, and leading the necessary communication with related parties in order to resolve this matter.

Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (25 Julio 2022)
9 crewmembers remain on board, surviving in extreme and inhumane conditions with no provisions, no electricity and no wages. The ITF has supplied provision and humanitarian assistance. All other crew left the vessel without being paid.

Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (7 Marzo 2023)
Some of the crew agreed terms of compensation and received 65% of their wages. 6 of the crew who were disembarked in Syria have received no compensation. The 3 crew who remain on board have a lack of provisions as per our latest information

Entered: Lunes - 25 Julio 2022 09:59:50
Última actualización: Martes - 7 Marzo 2023 11:46:26
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