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Abandonment ID: 00493
Nombre del buque:Gobustan[resolved]
No. OMI:9575321
Puerto de abandono:Ravenna, Italy
Fecha de abandono:7 Julio 2020
Fecha de notificación:18 Diciembre 2020
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF)
No. de marinos:13
Nacionalidades:Azerbaiyán(9); Rusia, Federación de(2); Türkiye(1); Ucrania(1)
Circunstancias:P&I: AlfaStrakhovanie PLC (Russia) * Insurance cancelled on 08/05/2020
Chemical/Products Tanker

The vessel has been detained and Malta flag has suspended it from its registry.
Outstanding wages from January 2020.
Provisions not provided by the owner.

On 28/09/2020, the crew transferred to the P&I their credits of salaries in exchange for the payment of four (4) months of salary (total paid $116,284) and the repatriation (postponed because COVID-19 lack of flights).

End of October 2020 the crew accepted to give full proxy to ITF Lawyer to promote the legal arrest of the ship and recover the balance salaries ($208,060 as of full December 2020).
Acciones tomadas:7 Julio 2020: Flag State informed

Negotiations with owners, flag state and P&I Club.

Provisions provided
ITF and local welfare organisation have provided food and water.
Estado de la repatriación:Repatriated
All crew repatriated.
Estado del pago:Payment Pending
Comentarios y observaciones:Italia (11 Diciembre 2020)
From Embassy of Italy
The Maltese flagship Gobustan, managed by Palmali Shipping & Agency, arrived in the port of Ravenna on 16 June 2020 with 13 crew members on board. The deck cadet, present on board, was repatriated at the expense of his training institute on 18 August, financial security was activated for all the other crew members: the crew was then repatriated on the 2 and Last October 3. It is emphasized that for both Gobustan and Sultan Bey the flag State was requested several times for the activation of financial security without feedback, but for Gobustan it was possible to repatriate at the expense of the insurance institution thanks to the interest of the local Seafarers' Welfare Committee who made direct contact with the previous insurance provider, AlfaStrakhovanie PLC, which also paid 4 months back wages of the crew. On Gobustan there is a conservative seizure for a total of 190,000.00 USD for unpaid bunkering.

Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (18 Diciembre 2020)
This vessel is part of the PALMALI SHIPPING & AGENCY company, which has a number of abandoned vessels around the world.

Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (5 Marzo 2021)
The next court hearing will be in October 2021. All crew have been repatriated. Crew received 4 months outstanding wages from the P&I club but balance of wages remains unpaid.

Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (30 Noviembre 2021)
All crew have been repatriated. They transferred their labour credits to the receivers of the cargo against the payment of about 4 months’ salary. By that transfer of credit, they closed any future claim for their remaining credits. It was their autonomous decision. The P&I paid their flights for repatriation. The ship is still in Ravenna, manned with seafarer (just as custody) paid from the appointed legal keeper. Because of the COVID-19 the Tribunal times have been delayed and we are still waiting the results of the Audience for Merit. After the Merit and if the Court will decide for the auction (and someone will buy the vessel) we will try to recover the ITF Italy costs for the legal action promoted on behalf of the workers. Resolved.

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