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New Orion [resolved]


Abandonment ID: 00485
Nombre del buque:New Orion [resolved]
No. OMI:9250141
Puerto de abandono:Jiangyin, China
Fecha de abandono:18 Noviembre 2020
Fecha de notificación:18 Noviembre 2020
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF)
No. de marinos:9
Nacionalidades:Georgia(1); Rusia, Federación de(1); Ucrania(7)
Circunstancias:P&I: Dydor AS (29/08/20019 - 29/08/2020)

Bulk Carrier

The ship was previously abandoned under the name ‘LIBERTY PRRUDENCIA’ (and under the flag of Hong Kong, China) from 2016 to 2017.

Seafarers employment Agreements of 9 seafarers in this ship have already expired and there is no effective contracts. An Oiler is staying in the ship for more than 18 months. They have raised complaints to the company several times but no response from the company. Food and water are critically in shortage.

Acciones tomadas:18 Noviembre 2020: Flag State informed
Requested the flag state, Cameroon Ministry of Transportation to deal with this case in accordance with MLC A2.5.1.5.(a).

Requested the owner written in MLC certificate, Vercania Holdings Ltd to supply food, water and pay outstanding wages and repatriate seafarers.
Estado del pago:22 Febrero 2022: Other
The company Vercania Holdings Ltd promised to pay the seafarers within 40 days after their disembarkations.
Unpaid wages totaled at USD 39,022.46.

ITF Japan have sent the Cameroonian Ministry of Transportation an e-mail to resolve this matter but the mail address seems to no longer be in use and ITF Japan have no other way to contact the flag state.

ITF Japan have also requested P&I insurance company, Hydor AS on 22 Jan 2022 to deal with this case, but no reply has come to them.

ITF Japan have tried to communicate with Vercania Holdings Ltd but no response as well.

ITF Japan could not communicate with parties concerned and requested support from ILO to settle this case.

ITF Japan requested ILO to intervene with the flag state with attached Maritime Labor Certificate so that crews can get their unpaid wages according to MLC, 2006, as amended.

Payment Pending
In excess of $US 330,000.
Comentarios y observaciones:Organisación Marítima Internacional (4 Febrero 2021)
In this regard it is also recalled that Mr. Marios Stephanides, Alternate Permanent Representative of the Republic of Cyprus to IMO, in an earlier message kindly requested the IMO Secretariat to provide documentary evidence that the registered owner is registered in Cyprus, and also to ascertain and provide the name, registered address and the address from where the company conducts its business of (as defined is SOLAS regulation IX/1 and STCW regulation I/1) operating the ship in question, together with the related documentary evidence. All relevant documentation, which can be found on IMO GISIS, is herewith attached and I take it from this information that Cyprus may now ascertain its jurisdiction and competency to conduct an investigation in order to investigate the case.

Ucrania (4 Febrero 2021)
From Mission of Urkaine to the IMO
As far as I'm informed the shipowner, Cyprus-based company "VERCANIA HOLDINGS LTD" hasn't fulfilled its contractual obligations (paying arrears of wages, supply of food and drinking water, fuel, medicines, as well as the repatriation of seafarers).
According to my capital, Ukraine's Embassy in Cyprus attempted to liaise with the shipowner, but its representatives contunue to evade contacts with any parties concerned, including the competent authorities of Cyprus.

Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (10 Febrero 2022)
9 crews received outstanding salaries from April 2020 to July 2021 on 08 Sept 2021 when they signed off except 1 crew (2/E) who stayed on the vessel by his own decision.
Remaining unpaid salaries from Aug to 08 Sept 2021 (Total USD 39,659.13)

Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (4 Diciembre 2022)
The crew are no longer responding to our messages, and therefore we have lost contact

Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (4 Octubre 2023)
Following an issue gaining access to Taiwanese water due to the inactive abandonment case, the new owners of the New Orion, now renamed Dongya, have chosen to settle the outstanding wages owed to the former crew.

Funds to settle all outstanding amounts have been transferred to ITF London for distribution.

We now consider this case resolved and would be grateful if you would update the database to reflect this.

Entered: Jueves - 5 Octubre 2023 08:43:41
Última actualización: Jueves - 5 Octubre 2023 08:44:49
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