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Vega 1[disputed]


Abandonment ID: 00430
Nombre del buque:Vega 1[disputed]
No. OMI:8516756
Puerto de abandono:Tuapse, Russia
Fecha de abandono:Noviembre 2019
Fecha de notificación:30 Marzo 2020
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:Non-governmental Organization (ISWAN)
No. de marinos:9
Nacionalidades:Georgia(1); India(5); Türkiye(3)
Circunstancias:This case is not considered to be COVID-19 related.
Unpaid wages. Want repatriation.
The vessel has been detained by port state control of Tuapse port on Jan 28 2020 for many deficiencies including unpaid wages of almost 5 months.
Harbour master and port administration are providing water and food.
Acciones tomadas:28 Febrero 2020: Flag State informed

Contacted ITF, P&I Club and Indian Embassy in Moscow.
Suggested to file a complaint at and write to flag state and P&I Club.
Estado de la repatriación:Repatriated
All seafarers have returned home.
Estado del pago:Payment Pending
Outstanding payment is USD 25,298.
Comentarios y observaciones:Panamá (1 Abril 2020)
I am adding in copy Capt. Juan Maltez. He should be able to provide more information related to this Vessel.

Non-governmental Organization (1 Septiembre 2020)
All seafarers have returned home but they still owe wages for 4 months-21,600 USD

Panamá (31 Diciembre 2020)
With our intervention, 9 crewmember were repatriated (3 Turkish, 5 Indian and 1 Geordian), repatriated on August 3, 2020. The P&I Club proceed to cancel four months of salaries (USD$44,160.86)

Non-governmental Organization (15 Enero 2021)
Crew concern still remains same, this case is under trial and next date of court hearing was on 14th Jan.
There is no update regarding pending dues.

Non-governmental Organization (5 Marzo 2021)
Crew concern still remains same, this case is under trial and date of hearing was on 14th Jan, after that lawyers are negotiating with owners regarding wages. Seafarers are at home.

Non-governmental Organization (10 Junio 2021)
Based on last message from seafarer on 4th June 2021, he hasn't heard back from lawyers about any development in the case. Crew had earlier returned home.

Panamá (14 Julio 2021)
From Panama Maritime Authority
Through email dated June 28. 2021, owner's legal attorney inform us that this week owner will proceed with the payment of outstanding wages payment for the sum of US$ 21,600.

Panamá (24 Septiembre 2021)
From Panama Maritime Authority and Law firm "GRATA International Rostov-on-Don"
We confirm receiving funds in amount of USD 9,105 to our account. We have already confirmed to PMA that there are no outstanding claims from our side against the vessel.

Non-governmental Organization (21 Diciembre 2021)
Based on last communication with seafarer on 18th November 2021, all crew have been paid pending wages, but only he has outstanding wages of 500 USD.

Non-governmental Organization (20 Abril 2022)
Based on communication with seafarer on 24 March 2022 his outstanding wages of 500 USD has still not been paid. Other all crew have been paid pending wages.

Non-governmental Organization (4 Agosto 2022)
Based on communication with seafarer on 29th July 2022 his outstanding wages of 500 USD has still not been paid. Other crew have been paid their pending wages.

Panamá (13 Octubre 2022)
Government of Panama sent a mail to the ITF in Russia as below.

Receive greetings from Maritime Labour Affairs Department of the Panama Maritime Authority. I'm the new attorney on the case.

Regarding the pending case of the ship VEGA 1 - IMO 8516756, included in the base of abandoned ships since March 30, 2020, whose current status is (DISPUTED), by Mr. Chirag Bahri - Director of ISWAN Regions, I confirm via email dated October 11, 2021, that the entire crew, including (9) deckhands, have been repatriated and wages due have been paid in full, except 500.00 which belongs to you.

We also received via email dated November 12, 2021 where he informs us that according to Grata Internacional (seafarers' lawyer), confirms that you have no outstanding obligations with any of the crew and especially with Mr. Arvind Kumar Shukla.

We appreciate confirming the veracity of this latest information. In order to update the database from Dispute to Resolved.

Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (18 Octubre 2022)
I am sure you are definetely aware about the circumstances of the case but I'd like to give you qiuck reference as I was dealing with it since te very beginning.
I got request from the crew in February, 2020, a month after the vessel had been detained by PSC of the Russian port of Tuapse. Taking in mind the vessel was abondoned and the shipowner refused to pay the wage (as well as provide the crew with provision, etc) I applied for Hanseatic P&I with request to pay off the debts for 4 months. After long negotiations it was P&I decided to pay the outstanding wage for 4 months but without OT (as per P&I the vessel was moored so that the crew was not engaged in any additional work).
As well the underwrites paid the travel expences related to the crew repatriation to Moscow, (due to Covid restrictions the resque flight was arranged by Indian government with assistance of Indian consulate in Moscow so it was chargeless for crew). After all the crewmembers had been repatriated I appied for Grata law firm with request to arrange the arrest of the vessel in Tusapse but for unclear reasons she was released (though PSC detantion had not been lifted) so they had to find partners in Turkey, then collect all documents, sign P&A and so on. It took a long but I was sure all seafarers provided reliable payrolls in order to specify the exact amount of outstanding wage. Anyway after the case was settled I received a message from Mr. Shukla who claimed for 1 monhs unpaid wage so I inquired lawyers again and was provided with detailed calculations confirming that the payment was arranged in full. After checking all documents I confirmed to the Flag Administration that there was no any claim from our side.
In case you need any documents related to the case please do not hesitate to contact me

Non-governmental Organization (18 Octubre 2022)
All crew have been paid their outstanding wages however only one seafarer has claims for unpaid wages of 500 USD whereas as per Grata Internacional (seafarers' lawyer), there is no outstanding obligations with any of the crew. There has been recent email communication between Flag State and the seafarer on same.

Panamá (1 Diciembre 2022)
Regarding this case, by email dated October 18, 2022 from Olga Ananina ITF Inspector/Novorossiysk we received a response confirming full payment of the amount due, so we need to update the status of this dispute case to resolved.

Otro (5 Diciembre 2022)

Pls see attached email sent by Seafarer, Mr. Arvind Shukla to flag state today morning.
He is still claiming for 500 usd and has explained that the law firm had misunderstood the claim figure.

Dear all,
Good day,
Myself arvind Kumar Shukla. I'm writing this e-mail in regarding of my pending wages which amount to 500 usd which i didn't received. Kindly check below breakout of my wages.

Sign On:19.09.2019 Sign Of:01.07.2020 (Totally 9 months and 12 days)

Monthly salary: Usd. 1.500. Total salary for 9 months and 12 days is (9 X 1.500 + 1.500/30X12) = (13.500 + 600) = usd. 14.100.


-27.12.2019 Cash payment under the crew’s signature as usd. 2 .100 (attached as Arvind Shukla cash receipt document)

-During Sign Of, the P&I Clup (Hanseatic) paid their 4 month salary = 1.500 X 4 = usd. 6.000

-paid as per PMA’s 16.07.2021 mail 3 months salary on 06.08.2021 = 1.500 X 3 = usd. 4.500

- paid on 25.09.2021 500 usd

- cash advance by owner in October 2019- 500 usd

Payments totally: usd. 13.600

14.100 – 13.600 = usd. 500 to be paid

Kindly check above calculations of my wages.
Remark: i have attached my salary slip for your reference , it was clearly showing 2100 usd both in words and in numbers, but unfortunately it was misread by our lawyers ( grata international firm). They read it as 3100 usd instead of 2100usd. I have communicated with them and told them regarding this matter but unfortunately they told me that they can't do anything.
So I request you to kindly look into this matter and do needful.

Non-governmental Organization (31 Marzo 2023)
Based on communication with seafarer on 29th March 2023, there has been no development regarding payment of his remaining wages 500 USD.

Entered: Jueves - 10 Diciembre 2020 18:29:19
Última actualización: Viernes - 31 Marzo 2023 13:05:07
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