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Abandonment ID: 00323
Nombre del buque:Avlemon[resolved]
No. OMI:9150298
Puerto de abandono:PAX Ocean Shipyard, Zhoushan, China
Fecha de abandono:19 Diciembre 2017
Fecha de notificación:15 Enero 2018
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF)
No. de marinos:10
Circunstancias:The vessel had been arrested by the Court since 17th Nov 2015. However the Court rejected the application of auction on Mar 2016 because the owner still managing the vessel.
On 19 Dec 2017, we received the email from 9 crew onbard. All crew members had not been paid for 2- 12 months. However the Master not willing cooperate with the crew.

3 crew members already completed their contract and requested for sign-off, but the company fails to arrange their repatriation.
Acciones tomadas:19 Enero 2018: Other
Contacted the ship manager Aroania Maritime SA;
Contacted the Ukrain Embassy in China;
Contacted the Lib Flag State;
Contacted P&I: America Club
Cooperate with Ukraine union MTWTU
Cooperate with ITF Maritime operation
Contacted the local agent.

31 Enero 2018: Other
Report from Liberian Flag Administration

Following notification on 1/6/2018. the flag Administration contacted the vessel’s managers (Aroania Maritime SA) and demanded a resolution.
On 1/22/2018, the flag Administration contacted the P&I club to ensure that they were aware of the crew complaints and requested assistance on behalf of the crew.
On 1/24/2018, the flag Administration spoke with the managers of AVLEMON, who advised that FIM Bank of Malta has taken possession of the vessel and will appoint new vessel managers, who have agreed to pay all outstanding wages and repatriate the crew by end of January.
As of 1/28/2018, the American Club’s local representative visited the vessel and provided food, cash and hotel accommodation for the crew.

16 Mayo 2022: Other
Report from Liberian Flag Administration

On June 9, 2018, the Administration received an update from the P and I club
confirming that all crew wages were paid for four months as per contractual
agreement in accordance with MLC Standard A 2.5.2 and all crew were
repatriated as of May 9, 2018
Estado de la repatriación:19 Enero 2018: Repatriation pending

16 Mayo 2022: Repatriated
All crew were repatriated as of May 9, 2018.

Estado del pago:19 Enero 2018: Payment Pending
Up to Dec 2017, 9 crew upaid wages: US 110,810

16 Mayo 2022: Paid
P&I paid four months wages as per contractual agreement in accordance with MLC Standard A 2.5.2
Comentarios y observaciones:Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (19 Enero 2018)
The seafarers applied to the insurance.
P&I/Abandonment insurer: American Steamship Owners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association (Valid to 20 Feb 2018)

Liberia (31 Enero 2018)
The Liberian Administration was notified via email on 1/6/2018 that 9 crew members on board the AVLEMON had not been paid: some for 2 months; others for between 6-9 months. Some other seafarers had completed their contracts and wished to be repatriated. The crew are running short on food, water and fuel.
Prior to the 1/6/2018 complaint, two off-signers complained in March and September 2017 respectively that their balance of wages were outstanding. The Administration was advised by the vessel’s management that the Company was facing financial constraints and needed time to resolve the off-signers’ wage issues. The March complaint was resolved in April 2017; the September complaint remains open as the owner has not responded.

Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (27 Abril 2018)
The P&I representative in China had sent the 4-months wages to all 10 crew’s bank accounts. (total US total US 128,361.56)

Now the vessel is looked after by some Chinese crew arranged by the Court. The Court will process for auction, would take about 6 months or more.

Entered: Martes - 17 Mayo 2022 09:07:02
Última actualización: Martes - 17 Mayo 2022 09:10:46
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