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[SS Veles - resolved]


Abandonment ID: 00194
Nombre del buque:[SS Veles - resolved]
No. OMI:7721392
Puerto de abandono:Rio Tuba, Palawan, Philippines
Fecha de abandono:17 Marzo 2013
Fecha de notificación:24 Marzo 2013
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF)
No. de marinos:17
Nacionalidades:India(8); Rusia, Federación de(9); Ucrania(1)
Circunstancias:Vessel abandoned by Russian owners after PSC detained vessel due to expired minimum safe manning documents.
Acciones tomadas:Other
- Communication with Russian Embassy done, and Russian crew repatriated with Russian Embassy intervention.
- Communication / coordination with Indian Embassy resulted in local Indian community in Rio Tuba, Palawan visiting the vessel and providing aid for the Indian crew. Coordination continuing in order to secure repatriation for the Indian crew
- Sending mobile phone credits for Indian crew to communicate with Indian Embassy
- Communication / coordination with ITF Maritime Operations, Inspectors

Flag State informed
- Cordination by Phillpines PSC
- Communication with flag state tried but no action from Tuvau because the registration expired even before the PSC detention

Estado de la repatriación:Repatriated
9 Russian crewss and 1 Ukraine crew were repatriated.
Estado del pago:Payment Pending
Indian crew claims 6 months unpaid wages as of May 2013. Russian crew repatriated with no remuneration, only promise of payment. No information received on possible actual remuneration to Russian crew after repatriation.
Comentarios y observaciones:Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF) (16 Diciembre 2016)

Fed. Int. de los Trabajadores del Trasporte (ITF)
Indian crew remain on board and were visited by representative of 2 prospects buyers. However, unfornately, a sale did not materialze. ITF have reiterated the advice to Indian Embassy to facilitate the repatriation of the crews, because the continued stay of Indian crew on the vessel looks useless. According to Indian crew report, 2 Russian owner's representative are on board and ashorement of the time.

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