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Project Trader[disputed]


Abandonment ID: 00607
Ship name:Project Trader[disputed]
7-digit IMO no.:8224547
Port of abandonment:Al Hamriya port, UAE
Abandonment date:6 January 2022
Notification date:7 January 2022
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:ITF
No. of Seafarers:12
Nationalities:India(9); Pakistan(2); Tanzania, United Republic of(1)
Circumstances:P&I: Arsenal Insurance Company LLC

Landing Craft

The ship is managed by INZU Ship Charter LLC, Dubai.

Crew are unpaid for 9 months.
Actions taken:6 January 2022: Flag State informed

10 February 2022: Vessel arrested by the Port State

Contacted the owner, flag state and UAE maritime authorities.
Repatriation status:18 February 2022: Repatriation pending
5/9 Indian seafarers repatriated as of 21.01.22, remaining 4/9 Indian seafarers have their passports in the custody of the Emirati Coastguard. The company has submitted an application to the Emirati court to obtain the 4 passports. Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi involved. Company cooperating and arranging provisions and basic amenities for the seafarers

Repatriation pending
All crew want to be repatriated.
Comments and Observations:ITF (7 January 2022)
The owners also have another vessel in Jebel Ali called the OCEAN TRADER which is also an abandonment case.

Govt. of Comoros (3 February 2022)
pls be advised that information provided by anyone to your head office regarding the vessel LCT PROJECT TRADER IMO 8224547 is total baseless. Most of the crew members are working with us since very long time. They used to signed off and again sing in with us several times in the past. They know the management very well and have full trust in it.
Kindly be informed that 6 crew members received almost 60% of their total salaries and repatriated to their home countries with the undertaking from the manager (M/S INZU SHIP CHARTER LLC) that their salaries will be remitted to their home countries with in short time and management is honoring their undertaking and remitting their salaries to their home countries. The remittance receipt can be furnished to your good office upon your demand.
Another remaining (5) crew still on board are also receiving their salaries same way and will be repatriated within a week after receiving their passports from the authorities.
Only issue of Captain Muhammad Haseeb Ali who is not accepting any kind of settlement and not cooperating at all with the management and departing crew also. But still we are hopeful to reach an amicable settlement with him also.
We hope that this clarification is enough for you to understand the efforts made by the management and expecting a cooperative response from your good office

ITF (3 February 2022)
ITF requested the Flag State to ask INZU to provide copies of the remittance advices for the payments they have made so far to back up their claims.

The 6 crew members signed off with one months salary and some sort of promise from INZU that they would pay the outstanding wages at their convenience, which you could argue was signed under duress having been on board for so long and not being able to financially support their families at home.

Some of the other crew have reported that they are being given positions on other vessels, but again are accepting nowhere near the amounts they are due. This is one of the message streams

Crewmember (PROJECT TRADER): Yes, sir the manager is said to me that he will transfer me to another vessel with is owned by him.
ITF: and what about your owed wages?
Crewmember (PROJECT TRADER): Right now, he said he will arrange 1 month salary and after the transfer he will put per month 2 salary each
ITF: you are owed 9 months, but you are accepting 3?
Crewmember (PROJECT TRADER): Yes, sir he said he will pay me now 1 month salary and after my transfer to another vessel he will put 2-month salary up to the clearance of the old salary

As for the Master it is correct to say that he is not accepting any kind of settlement. He is standing his ground because he wants his entitlement not some derogatory offer and promise to pay later from INZU

Let us also not forget that INZU are the managers of the OCEAN TRADER (another Comoros flagged vessel) where 13 crew were repatriated in November 2021 with 8 months wages owing (more than $90,000.00) and who have still not received one cent. It is not difficult to see a pattern here.

ITF (10 February 2022)
Vessel has been arrested, although it has not been confirmed to us by whom.

The managers INZU Ship Charter LLC have been fined 30,000 AED for failing to comply with an order from the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure to pay the outstanding wages and repatriate the crew. The vessel has also been banned from UAE waters for 3 months once the vessel leaves Dubai.

ITF (22 July 2022)
Confusing state of affairs. A number of crew took 2 months salary and the promise of a position on another vessel owned/managed by INZU Ship Charter LLC. Others returned home with 2 months’ salary only.
Only the Master remains in contact with the ITF as he is owed 5 months wages by INZU Ship Charter LLC
We understand that the vessel has been arrested by a third party.

Entered: Friday - 22 July 2022 at 11:29:15
Last updated: Friday - 22 July 2022 at 11:40:52
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