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Ariana [resolved]


Abandonment ID: 00536
Ship name:Ariana [resolved]
7-digit IMO no.:9500132
Port of abandonment:Sharjah, UAE
Abandonment date:13 May 2021
Notification date:18 May 2021
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:ITF
No. of Seafarers:20
Circumstances:P&I: Skuld

Chemical/Products Tanker

Unpaid wages. Crew seek repatriation.
Contracts of 17 crew have expired.

Actions taken:13 May 2021: Flag State informed

Owners/Managers and P&I Club contacted.
PSC informed.

Repatriation status:Repatriation pending
Crew are awaiting repatriation.

Skuld P&I has confirmed the crew were repatriated in Karachi.
Payment status:Payment Pending
$US 264,796.

The wages until April have been paid and settled as per the crew and company confirmation to ITF.
Comments and Observations:ITF (2 June 2021)
From ITF Arab World and Iran Network Coordinator
We would like to inform that the Crew wages on board of the ship Ariana are now paid and settled.
We are awaiting to confrm the repatriation of the crew who requested sign off to proceed to close the task.
But, the wages until April have been paid and settled as per the crew and company confirmation to us.

Other (4 June 2021)
From IGP&I
With reference to the ARIANA (IMO no: 9500132) where crew are waiting on outstanding wages to be paid and have requested repatriation, I have liaised with Skuld, who are the registered insurers of the vessel. Skuld have informed me that their member has confirmed outstanding wages have now been paid and they have documentation confirming the situation. Skuld have also reported that their member has informed them the ARIANA is expected to complete discharge at Port Sudan in a week’s time. The ARIANA will then sail towards Fujairah. Subject to Covid-19 regulations in UAE, it is hoped repatriation can take place at Fujairah. The UAE Visa regulations are continually being updated in response to Covid-19 protocols and it is not known if repatriation will take place from Fujairah. If, however, crew are unable to sign off here, the ARIANA will deviate to Karachi where all crew can sign off and new crew can sign on.
Skuld will follow up progress with the member after discharge at Port Sudan to confirm the repatriation plan and I will update accordingly.

Other (14 July 2021)
From IGP&I
I have received a report from Skuld P&I who have confirmed the crew were repatriated last week in Karachi having been unable to disembark at Fujairah.I trust that this case can now be closed on the database subject to ITF confirming.

Govt. of Panama (14 July 2021)
From Panama Maritime Authority
June 4 2021, We received confirmation from the ITF inspector, Mohamed Arrachedi that the wages owned had been paid and that they were awaiting the repatriation of the crew.

ITF (14 September 2021)
All outstanding wages totalling more than $363,000 has now been paid and the remaining seafarers were repatriated on 9th July 2021. This status of this case can now be set to RESOLVED.

Entered: Tuesday - 14 September 2021 at 13:46:50
Last updated: Tuesday - 14 September 2021 at 14:41:58
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