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Gulf Mirdif[resolved]


Abandonment ID: 00417
Ship name:Gulf Mirdif[resolved]
7-digit IMO no.:9359399
Port of abandonment:Recalada anchorage, Argentina
Abandonment date:3 January 2020
Notification date:7 February 2020
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:ITF
No. of Seafarers:21
Nationalities:India(4); Ukraine(17)
Circumstances:P&I: West of England (valid from 20/02/2019 to 20/02/2020)

The crew reported being unpaid since November 2019; no fresh water; almost ran out of food; owners not responding to crew's repeated requests.
Since reporting the case to flag and P&I, November wages have been paid, and some supply of provisions has also been made.
Actions taken:7 January 2020: Flag State informed

10 February 2020: Other
The Liberian Administaraion instructed the shipowner and the Master shifted the vessewl closer to the coast at a safe distance to effect services required.

12 February 2020: Other
The Liberian Administration issued a Notice of Violation and is assessing administrative penalties against the shipowner.

26 February 2020: Other
Argentine Republic said that the ship is located in international waters and rigorous investigations were carried out, and confirmed that no maritime protection reports were received, nor were any diverstions made to Argentine ports, nor was radio contact made with the Estacionario para Oracticos Reclada.
Constant vigilance is being maintained around the ship.

Negotiation with the shipowner.
P&I was notified.
Repatriation status:Repatriation pending
Seafarers remain on board the vessel.
Payment status:Payment Pending
November wages have been paid, but December and January wages remain outstanding.
Comments and Observations:Govt. of India (12 March 2020)
I am directed to refer to your e-mail dated 26.02.2020 informing about abandonment of 2l
seafarers (17 from Ukraine and 04 from India) on board vessel GULF MIRDIF (lMO No. 9359399,
Liberian Flag, (insured with the "West of England P&l Club") since 03.01 .2020 at Recalada
Anchorage, Argentina.
2. In this connection, it is stated that the Directorate has in turn taken up the matter with the
respective Recruitment Placement of Seafarers (RPS) Company operating in India who had engaged
the Indian seafarers on board the said vessel.
3. The RPS Company vide its e-mail dated27.02.2020 has informed this Directorate that 08 Indian
seafarers were signed on onboard vessel MT GULF MIRDIF.
4. Presently the vessel is at Monrovia. Whereas, the wages of all the said seafarers on board have
been allotted, salary for the month of November to till January 2020.
5. with regard to the Provision & Supplies on board, company has stated that the provision has been
provided in time and the vessel is awaiting charter and have some problem with tank inspections.
6. The Company has further informed that 04 crew might have complained because their contract
was for 03 months and it was told by the company to the crew that the contract will be extended after
the expiry of the present contract. The crew wanted to stay on board and wanted to complete 09
months of contract. In this regard, company has sent extended contract to the crew.
7. whereas other 04 crew will be signed off on 2g.02.2020 and the company wants to replace all
crew with other agency, other crew will get their payment when they will signoff The company has
also suggested them not to get down unless money is paid in their respective accounts.
8. In view of the foregoing facts, it is stated that the vessel is not in the abandoned state. Further
update in the matter will be communicated to you in due course.

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