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Sala 1[disputed]


Abandonment ID: 00339
Ship name:Sala 1[disputed]
7-digit IMO no.:908451
Port of abandonment:Khorfakkan B anchorage, UAE
Abandonment date:14 April 2018
Notification date:14 April 2018
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:ITF
No. of Seafarers:25
Nationalities:India(21); Pakistan(4)
Circumstances:Vessel at anchorage since 30 March 2018. Irregular supply of provisions. Four months wages outstanding. Several crew members are reported to be sick and in need of medical assistance. Aircon not working. Twelve seafarers contracts have expired, another seven will expire within a month. Owner issuing threats to crew if they contact ITF or PSC.
Actions taken:14 April 2018: Flag State informed
Contacts with owner, flag and UAE FTA
Repatriation status:18 April 2018: Other
Repatriation Outstanding
Payment status:Other
4 months of remuneration outstanding
Comments and Observations:Govt. of Panama (11 May 2018)
Warmest greetings from the Panama Maritime Authority on behalf the Maritime Labour Affairs Department.

In this opportunity, please be advice that on April 11th, 2018, this General Directorate was informed by email through our regional office in Manila Philippines of the situation presented on board the vessel ¡§SALA 1¡¨, with Provisional Patent of Navigation No.46732-15-B, Call Sign HOHG, IMO No. 9084516, own by RED SEA SHIPPING COMPANY CORP., regarding owed salaries and provisions.

Concerning the situation this General Directorate,

„« We communicate with the Legal Representative in Panama (Arias B. y Asociados) through email ( dated Apr.13th 2018), the operators (Iships Management Pte. Ltd.), Owner Representative (Capt. S. Ahmed-ECB International) and Aurum Ship Management (as Manning Agent).
„« Restricted measures are taken through the Memorandum No.DGGM-ALM-324-2018. Also we requested a pecuniary sanction to the Merchant Marine Directorate which is currently in process.

In this sense we will also continue our unremitting efforts.

Very truly yours,

ITF (24 May 2018)
From: Katie Higginbottom []
Sent: jeudi 24 mai 2018 11:53
To: Noh, Jinhak ; Samkange, Ruvarashe
Cc: Jan de Boer ( ; Natalie Shaw ( ; Jonathan Warring ; Mohamed Arrachedi
Subject: Sala 1 update

Dear All
FYI Sala 1 case is ongoing but part payment has been made to the crew:

MV Sala 1: seafarers have been paid USD200.243,77 , covering 4 months wages.
Pending wages are now April and current May and repatriation.

Best, Katie

Katie Higginbottom

Govt. of Panama (31 December 2020)
PMA imposed a documentary restriction over the vessel, which prevent the cancelation of the registry and the change of ownership in the registry. According to the Database, on May 24, 2018, ITF indicated that partially
payment has been made to the crew, the crews have received USD$200,243.77 covering 4 months, but still pending April and May, and repatriation.

ITF (2 July 2021)
Vessel is now dead. 4 months owed wages were paid but 2 months were still outstanding. The outstanding wages were to be paid on repatriation but we have no confirmation from the crew that this happened.

Govt. of Panama (20 March 2024)
Through email date June 30, 2021. Maritime Labour Affairs department sent an email to ITF inspector requesting an update of the case filed against M/V SALA I.
Through email date August 20, 2021 -(From Luz A. Prada)
We proceed to request an updated report of the case to ITF inspector in charge of the case.
Through email date March 17, 2022 An email was sent to the ITF inspector requesting information on the payment of wages due to the crew.
Through email date April 12, 2022. An email was sent on April 12, 2022 to the Owner requesting that he inform us if the months owed to the seafarers have been paid.

Entered: Monday - 5 July 2021 at 08:59:14
Last updated: Tuesday - 2 April 2024 at 15:20:48
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