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Afrique du Sud > Travail dangereux des enfants

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Pays: Afrique du Sud - Sujet: Travail dangereux des enfants

  1. Afrique du Sud - Travail dangereux des enfants - Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance

    BCEA Regulations on Hazardous Work by Children (No. R 7).

    Adoption: 2010-01-15 | ZAF-2010-R-89779

    Made by the Ministry of Labour on the advice of the Employment Conditions Commission. Implements section 44 and 45 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997 (BCEA).

    1. Definitions
    2. Purpose and interpretation
    2(1): The purpose of these regulations is to -
    (a) place conditions on the work that may be performed by child workers who are at least 15 years of age and no longer subject to compulsory schooling in terms of any law;
    (b) prohibit any person from permitting or requiring such child workers to perform particular types of work specified in the regulations...
    3. Access to nutrition, health care and educational services
    4. Work away from parents or legal guardian
    5. Prohibition of piece-work and task work
    6. Maximum daily and weekly working time
    7. Night work
    8. Prohibited work
    9. Worst forms of child labour
    10. Investigation and prosecution of alleged offences concerning worst forms of child labour
    11. Medical examinations
    12. Report to department of social development
    13. Offences and Penalties
    14. Exemptions
    15. Summary
    16. Short title and commencement

    Schedule 1: Hazardous substances and agents
    Schedule 2: Summary of regulations on the health and safety of children at work and on hazardous work by children

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