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Pays: Namibie - Sujet: Salaires

  1. Namibie - Salaires - Loi

    Wage order for setting minimum wage and supplemental minimum conditions of employment for domestic workers: Labour Act, 2007 (Government Notice No. 258 of 2017). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2017-09-15 | NAM-2017-L-108601

  2. Namibie - Salaires - Convention collective

    Extension of collective agreement to security industry: Labour Act, 2007 (Government Notice No. 239 of 2017). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2017-09-15 | NAM-2017-CA-108603

  3. Namibie - Salaires - Convention collective

    Collective Agreement for a minimum wage and adjustment of existing level 2016 for the security industry entered into by the Security Association of Namibia, Namibian Transport and Allied Workers Union, Namibia Independent Security Union and Namibia Security Guards and Watchmen’s Union, 2016. - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2016-12-15 | NAM-2016-CA-108602

  4. Namibie - Salaires - Convention collective

    Declaration No. 237 of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare concerning the Extension of Collective Agreement on Minimum Wage in the Agricultural Sector.

    Adoption: 2009-12 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2009-06-01 | NAM-2009-CA-90033

    Made under the Labour Act 2007. Parties to the collective agreement are the Agricultural Employers' Association; the Namibian National Farmer's Union; and the Namibian Farm Worker's Union.

    1. Definitions
    2. Recognition as Exclusive Bargaining Agent
    3. Purpose of Minimum Wage Determination
    4. Criteria for determining Minimum Wages
    5. Coverage of Minimum Wages
    6. Minimum Wage Determination Machinery
    7. Adjustment of Minimum Wages
    8. Enforcement of the Minimum Wage
    9. Minimum Wage for Entry Level of Agricultural Workers
    10. General Provisions

  5. Namibie - Salaires - Autres textes (circulaire, directive, instruction, etc.)

    Notice concerning Particulars to be Indicated on Envelope or Statement when Remuneration is Paid to Employee in terms of Section 36(3) of the Labour Act, 1992 (No. 175 of 1992)

    Adoption: 1992-11-03 | NAM-1992-M-31947

    The particulars must include the name and address of employer and employee; the scale of remuneration applicable; the period that the payment covers; the amount paid for remuneration, overtime, night work, Sunday and public holiday work and other remuneration or allowances; the gross remuneration payable; details of any deductions from this amount; and the total net remuneration. Made under section 36(3) of the Labour Act, 1992 (published in LLD 1992/2 under 1992 NAM-1).

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