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Pays: Allemagne - Sujet: Personnel infirmier

  1. Allemagne - Personnel infirmier - Loi

    Second Act to strengthen nursing Supply and amending other provisions (Second Care Support Act - PSG II). (Zweites Pflegestärkungsgesetz - PSG II) - Act on-line in German

    Adoption: 2015-12-21 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2016-01-01 | Entrée en vigueur graduelle: 2017-01-01 | DEU-2015-L-101623

    The Act introduces a new care concept for people with physical, mental and psychological limitations addressing everyday limited skills for those suffering from dementia. Assessment of the degree on independency in six areas:
    - Mobility
    - Cognitive and communicative skills
    - Behavioral and psychiatric problems
    - Self-sufficiency
    - Dealing with and independent handling of disease- or treatment-related demands and stress
    - Design of everyday life and social contacts.
    Current three nursing degree are to be replaced with five degrees of nursing degrees depending on the health condition.
    The Act revises also situation staffing and control in nursing homes.

  2. Allemagne - Personnel infirmier - Loi

    Act concerning the profession of paramedics (Paramedics Act-NotSanG). (Gesetz über den Beruf der Notfallsanitäterin und des Notfallsanitäters (Notfallsanitätergezets-NotSanG) ) - Act on-line in German

    Adoption: 2013-05-22 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2014-01-01 | DEU-2013-L-95777

    Section 1. Permission to hold the professional title
    Section 2. Training
    Section 3. Training relationship
    Section 4. Provision of services
    Section 5. Responsibilities
    Section 6. Penalty provisions

  3. Allemagne - Personnel infirmier - Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance

    Decree on the vocational training for skilled medical workers. (Verordnung über die Berufsausbildung zum Medizinischen Fachangestellten/zur Medizinischen Fachangestellten) - Bundesgesetzblatt

    Adoption: 2006-04-26 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 2006-08-01 | DEU-2006-R-77198

    Determines the period and the qualifications that are necessary to become a skilled medical worker.

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