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Country: Uganda - Subject: Agriculture workers

  1. Uganda - Agriculture workers - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    National Environment (Minimum Standards for Management of Soil Quality) Regulations, 2001 (S.I. No. 59 of 2001). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2001-11-02 | UGA-2001-R-88138

    The purpose of these Regulations is to establish and prescribe minimum standards for soil quality, to establish minimum standards for the management quality of soil intended for agricultural use, the establishment of criteria and procedures for the measurement and determination of soil quality and to issue measures and guidelines for soil management. The standards are prescribed in the First Schedule. The Second Schedule contains the guidelines for the management of fragile or particular soils. The Third Schedule contains parameters and methods of determination of soil quality; the Fourth Schedule contains soil conservation measures and guidelines. The Fifth Schedule prescribes recommended frequency for monitoring of soil quality parameters for enforcement purposes. No person shall use land in contravention with the soil quality parameters established under these Regulations. Regulation 13 concerns inspection by Environment Inspectors.

  2. Uganda - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Diary Industry Act 2000 (Cap. 85). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2000-06-01 | UGA-2000-L-88143

    This Act establishes the Dairy Development Authority, defines its functions and powers, provides for its administration and provides rules relative to marketing and processing of products made of milk from cows, buffaloes, goats, camels, donkeys and sheep. The Authority shall promote the production and competition in the dairy industry and monitoring the market for milk and dairy products. It shall, among other things, register and license milk processors and traders and advise the Government on and enforce milk standards. The Board of the Authority is granted ample regulation-making powers for purposes of this Act.

  3. Uganda - Agriculture workers - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    The Control of Agricultural Chemicals (Registration and Control) Regulations (S.I. 29-1). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2000 | UGA-2000-R-97676

  4. Uganda - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Cotton Development Act (Cap. 30). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1994-05-10 | UGA-1994-L-88142

    This Act provides for the establishment of the Cotton Development Organization, defines its powers and functions and provides for its internal organization and regulates certain aspects of the production, processing and marketing of seed cotton, lint cotton and cottonseed.
    Part I contains interpretations. Part II concerns the Cotton Development Organization established as a body corporate under section 3. The Organization shall promote and monitor production and marketing of cotton and represent all aspects of the cotton industry (sect. 4). Functions of the corporation are set out in section 5. Part III concerns the Board of Directions of the Organization. Part IV regulates certain aspects of cotton production and in particular provides for measures against spreading of infectious pests and diseases. The Minister may establish isolated or segregated areas for cotton production and establish a specific legal regime for such areas pursuant to section 8. The Organization shall distribute yearly certified cottonseed to growers (sect. 10). Section 12 concerns the destruction of pestiferous cottonseed. Part V contains rules relative to the marketing and processing of cotton. Cotton traders and processors shall register with the Organization (sect. 16). Section 19 concerns cotton-marketing seasons. Other provisions concern staff of the Organization, financial arrangements and matters of miscellaneous character. (31 sections divided into 8 Parts and completed by 1 Schedule)

  5. Uganda - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Uganda Coffee Development Authority (Amendment) Statute, 1994 (No. 5 of 1994).

    Adoption: 1994-04-10 | Date of entry into force: 1994-04-15 | UGA-1994-L-56808

    Amends the Uganda Coffee Development Authority Statute 1991 with regard to, inter alia, the composition of the Board of Directors.

  6. Uganda - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    National Agricultural Research Organisation Act 1992 (Cap. 205). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1992-12-04 | UGA-1992-L-88145

    This Act establishes the National Agricultural Research Organisation as a body corporate, defines its functions and powers and provides with respect to its administration and operations. The objects of the Organisation are to undertake, promote and streamline research in agriculture, livestock, fisheries and forestry.

  7. Uganda - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Agricultural and Livestock Development Fund Act 1976 (Cap. 233). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1976-03-26 | UGA-1976-L-88140

    This Act establishes the Agricultural and Livestock Development Fund as a body corporate and provides with respect to is powers and functions and its administration and organization. The Fund shall promote and develop the agricultural and livestock industries in Uganda by advancing loans to farmers or guaranteeing credits given to farmers. It may also, among other things: make recommendations to appropriate authorities relevant to the functions of the Fund; assist farmers and ensure that their activities are carried out on sound agricultural practices; and give advice to farmers in respect of financial administration.

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