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Country: Malawi

  1. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Public Holidays Act (Cap. 18:05). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1967-07-28 | MWI-1967-L-90377

    Sets out in the Schedule all of the holidays that are considered to be public holidays.

  2. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Citizenship Act, 1966. - Act on-line [as consolidated to 1972]

    Adoption: 1966 | MWI-1966-L-86513

    An Act to repeal and replace the Malawi Citizenship Act, 1964, so as to make provision, consequent upon the enactment of a Republican form of' Constitution in Malawi, for the acquisition of citizenship of Malawi by birth or descent, or by registration in certain cases; to regulate the manner and circumstances in which aliens may be naturalized as citizens of Malawi and in which citizens of Malawi may renounce or be deprived of their citizenship; and to make provision for certain other matters relating to citizenship of Malawi and for matters incidental thereto and connected therewith.

  3. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Land Act, 1965 (Cap. 57:01) [Consolidated version L.R.O. 1/1982]. - Act on-line

    Adoption: 1965-06-07 | MWI-1965-L-86508

    The Act makes provision for various matters relating to customary land, private land and public land and powers of the Minister in respect of such land.
    The Act consists of 44 sections divided into 8 Parts: Preliminary (I); general (II); Private Land (III); Private land (IV); Customary land (V); User of land (VI); Trespass or encroachment upon, or unlawful occupation of, land (VII); Miscellaneous (VIII).
    A Corporation may hold land only with a license from the Minister (sect. 3). The Minister may dispose of public and customary land in accordance with section 5. Unlawful use of public land is declared to be an offence under section 10. Powers of the Minister in respect of private land are set out in sections 11 and following. Customary land is vested in the President and the Minister shall administer and control all customary land and mineral rights thereof. Customary land may be acquired for public purposes under section 27. Section 30 concerns the conversion of customary land in registered land.

  4. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Immigration Act, 1964. - Act on-line [as amended to 1988] Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1964 | MWI-1964-L-86512

    An Act to regulate the entry of persons into Malawi, to prohibit the entry into Malawi of undesirable persons, to make provision for the deportation from Malawi of undesirable persons and to provide for matters incidental to the foregoing.

  5. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Trade Unions Act (No. 32 of 1958).

    Adoption: 1958 | Date of entry into force: 1959-03-01 | MWI-1958-L-56997

    Provides for the registration and operation of trade unions, the formation of employees' associations, the regulation of trade disputes, and other related matters.

  6. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Farmers Stop Order Act (Cap. 63:03). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1956-01-03 | MWI-1956-L-94724

    1. Short title
    2. Interpretation
    3. Validity of stop-orders
    4. Registration of stop-orders
    5. Discretion of registration officer
    6. Registration not to cure defect nor to confer validity
    7. Correction of register
    8. Priority of stop-orders
    9. Security not to be extinguished by sale, etc., of land whereon crop growing
    10. Bills of Sale Act not to apply
    11. Regulations
    12. No stamp duty payable
    13. Penalties for offences in connexion with stop-orders
    14. Government to be bound

  7. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Convicted Persons (Employment on Public Work) Act, 1954. - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1954-05-25 | MWI-1954-L-90375

    1. Short title
    2. Interpretation
    3. Power of court to order persons to perform public work
    4. Payment of fine either in full or in part
    5. Duties of persons ordered to perform public work
    6. Penalty for failure to comply with an order to perform public work
    7. Revision and appeals
    8. Rules
    9. Saving

  8. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Trade Disputes (Arbitration and Settlement) Act, No. 20 of 1952.

    Adoption: 1952 | MWI-1952-L-56999

    Provides for the establishment of arbitration tribunals, the making of inquiries in connection with trade disputes, and the settlement of such disputes (including those involving essential services).

  9. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Public Health Act, 1948 [No. 12 of 1948](Cap. 34:01). - Act on-line [as amended to 1975]

    Adoption: 1948-07-29 | MWI-1948-L-86506

    Amends and consolidates the laws concerning public health in Malawi.

  10. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Penal Code (Chapter 7:01) [as amended to Act No. 8 of 1999].

    Adoption: 1930-04-01 | MWI-1930-L-79926

    Chapter I - Preliminary
    Chapter II - Interpretation
    Chapter III - Territorial Application of this Code
    Chapter IV - General Rules as to Criminal Responsibility
    Chapter V - Parties to Offences
    Chapter VI - Punishments

    DIVISION I - Offences Against Public Order
    Chapter VII - Treason and other Offences Against the Government's Authority
    Chapter VIII - Offences Affecting Relations with Foreign States and External Tranquility
    Chapter IX - Unlawful Assemblies, Riots and Other Offences Against Public Tranquility

    DIVISION II - Offences against the Administration of Lawful Authority
    Chapter X - Corruption and the Abuse of Office
    Chapter XI - Offences Relating to the Administration of Justice
    Chapter XII - Rescues, Escapes and Obstructing Officers of Court of Law
    Chapter XIII - Miscellaneous Offences against Public Authority

    DIVISION III - Offences Injurious to the Public in General
    Chapter XIV - Offences relating to Religion
    Chapter XV - Offences against Morality
    Chapter XVI - Offences Relating to Marriage and Domestic Obligations
    Chapter XVII - Nuisances and Offences against Health and Convenience
    Chapter XVIII - Defamation

    DIVISION IV - Offences against the Person
    Chapter XIX - Murder and Manslaughter
    Chapter XX - Duties relating to the Preservation of Life and Health
    Chapter XXI - Offences Connected with Murder and Suicide
    Chapter XXII - Offences Endangering Life or Health
    Chapter XXIII - Criminal Recklessness and Negligence
    Chapter XXIV - Assaults
    Chapter XXV - Offences against Liberty

    DIVISION V - Offences Relating to Property
    Chapter XXVI - Theft
    Chapter XXVII - Offences allied to Stealing
    Chapter XXVIII - Robbery and Extortion
    Chapter XXIX - Burglary, Housebreaking and Similar Offences
    Chapter XXX - Miscellaneous Provisions
    Chapter XXXI - False Pretences
    Chapter XXXII - Receiving Property Stolen or Unlawfully Obtained and like Offences
    Chapter XXXIII - Frauds by Trustees and Persons in a Position of Trust, and False Accounting

    DIVISION VI - Malicious Injuries to Property
    Chapter XXXIV - Offences Causing Injury to Property

    DIVISION VII - Forgery, coining and counterfeiting
    Chapter XXXV - Definitions
    Chapter XXXVI - Punishments for Forgery
    Chapter XXXVII - Offences relating to Coin and to Bank and Currency Notes
    Chapter XXXVIII - Counterfeit Stamps
    Chapter XXXIX - Trade Marks
    Chapter XL - Personation
    Chapter XLI - Secret Commissions and Corrupt Practices

    DIVISION VIII - Attempts ad Conspiracies to commit Crimes, and Accessories after the fact
    Chapter XLII - Attempts
    Chapter XLIII - Conspiracies
    Chapter XLIV - Accessories after the Fact

  11. Malawi - - Law, Act

    Birth and Deaths Registration Act (Cap. 24:01). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1904-07-01 | MWI-1904-L-94722

    An Act to provide for the notification and registration of births and deaths.

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