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Country: Kiribati - Subject: Social security (general standards)

  1. Kiribati - Social security (general standards) - Law, Act

    Te Mwane ni Kara Act 2020 (No. 2 of 2020). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2020-12-14 | KIR-2020-L-113885

    The Act establishes the rules for the payment of allowances to senior citizens. It has four Parts. Part One deals with preliminary matters. Part Two sets out the administrative framework for the management of the fund, official positions, roles and terms of reference. Part Three deals with allowances that can be applied for and eligibility criteria. Part Four deals with offences, penalties and miscellaneous matters.

  2. Kiribati - Social security (general standards) - Law, Act

    Provident Fund (Amendment) Act 2012 (No. 3 of 2012). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2012-10-11 | KIR-2012-L-95535

    This amendment Act has two main objects. The first is to enable a member who has suffered or about to suffer severe financial hardship due to a loss of job for at least six months to apply for a withdrawal of such amount of provident fund as the Board may consider sufficient to alleviate the financial hardship in question.
    The second object is to prevent any member (or any person so authorized by this Ordinance to act for the member) who is about to receive payment of what the Board has approved to be paid to him from being subjected to alterations not authorized by the Ordinance.

  3. Kiribati - Social security (general standards) - Law, Act

    Provident Fund (Amendment) Act, 2008 (No. 14 of 2008). - Act on-line

    Adoption: 2008-12-23 | KIR-2008-L-84046

    Section 26 of the Provident Fund Ordinance, Cap 78(A) that is now in force gives the Lands Court the power to distribute the funds of a deceased member in accordance with the law that is now in force. The law that is now in force is not specifically stated. The new subsection (2) again gives the court power to deal with the share of a dependant after being satisfied that the change in the circumstance of that dependant warrants the variation of the order relating to the distribution of the fund in the first instance. The new subsection (3) sets out who the dependants are by referring us to the definition of "dependants" in the Workmen's Compensation Ordinance Cap 102. By applying this definition, the objective is to ensure that those who have been supported by the member during his lifetime will continue to be supported after his/her death.

  4. Kiribati - Social security (general standards) - Law, Act

    Provident Fund (Amendment) Act, 2008 (No. 8 of 2008). - Act on-line

    Adoption: 2008-09-08 | KIR-2008-L-84047

    This short Act amends the Provident Fund Ordinance as amended in 2005 by the Provident Fund (Amendment) Act No 11 of 2005. The amending Act of 2005 section 20(2) restrict members who have reached 50 years of age from making further withdrawals until at least six months has elapsed from the date of the previous withdrawal, or such other period as may be prescribed by the Minister, acting in accordance with the advice of Cabinet. The members reaching 50 have voiced complaints of this restriction. As they have reached 50, they consider it is for them to decide when to withdraw from the Fund at any time until the amount standing to their credit are exhausted. This amending Act have addressed that by repealing subsection (2) of section 20 of the amending Act No 11 of 2005. The second part of the amendment removes the present imposed restrictions on a member attaining 45 years of age to withdraw 50 per cent standing to his or her credit from the Fund. The amendment further clarifies that the 50 per cent which a member is not allowed to withdraw at any time, is the equivalent amount of the 50 per cent available when such member first attains 45. Once a member has withdrawn that 50 per cent portion, he or she is not entitled to withdraw further until he or she has reached 50 years of age.

  5. Kiribati - Social security (general standards) - Law, Act

    Provident Fund (Amendment) Act 2005 (No. 11 of 2005). - Act on-line

    Adoption: 2005 | KIR-2005-L-80036

    This Act introduces a number of amendments to the Provident Fund Ordinance (Cap.78A).
    Section 3 amends section 7 of the Ordinance to take account the fact that the German currency was replaced by the euro with effect from 1 January 2002.
    Section 4 acts to remove the proviso from section 13(5), which prevented those who continued working after reaching the age of 50 years from accessing their Provident Fund contributions. Under the new section 20(2) (inserted by section 8(d)), such persons will now be able to make multiple withdrawals, although the withdrawals must be at least six months apart.
    Section 5 corrects an error made by section 4 of the Provident Fund (Amendment) Act 1996, which inadvertently repealed all of the original section 17, when the intention was to repeal only subsection (4) (dealing with death benefits).
    Sections 6 moves section 17A to the end of Part VI of the Ordinance, which is considered a more appropriate placement.
    Section 7 removes a reference to section 17(4), which was repealed in 1996.
    Section 8 accomplishes two primary objectives, enabling members to-
    a) make multiple withdrawals after reaching the age of 50 years, as discussed above; and
    b) withdraw up to 50 per cent of their contributions upon reaching the of 45 years, without having to take early retirement, although those who wish to permanently leave the work force after turning 45 will still be able to withdraw all of their contributions at that time.

  6. Kiribati - Social security (general standards) - Law, Act

    Provident Fund (Amendment) Act, 2004 (No. 4 of 2004). - Act online

    Adoption: 2004-09-09 | KIR-2004-L-70688

    Amends sections 2, 16 and 48 of the Provident Fund Ordinance (Cap. 78A). Extends the definition of voluntary contributor so that almost anyone can become a member of the Fund.

  7. Kiribati - Social security (general standards) - Law, Act

    Compulsory Retirement (Repeal) Act, 2004 (No. 3 of 2004). - Act on-line

    Adoption: 2004-09-09 | KIR-2004-L-84053

    The object of this short Act is to repeal the Compulsory Retirement Act 1996 (Act No 24 of 1996).

  8. Kiribati - Social security (general standards) - Law, Act

    Provident Fund (Amendment) Act 2001 (No. 4 of 2001). - Act online

    Adoption: 2001-06-27 | KIR-2001-L-70692

    Amends the Provident Fund Ordinance (Cap. 78A) by amending section 13 and inserting a new section, Part VIB.

  9. Kiribati - Social security (general standards) - Law, Act

    Pensions Act, 1997 (No. 15 of 1997). - Act No. 15 of 1997

    Adoption: 1997-12-29 | KIR-1997-L-69668

    Repeals the Pensions Ordinance, Cap. 10 and provides, inter alia, that certain gratuities and allowances payable thereunder shall continue to be paid, that pensions are not assignable, and that pensions be adjusted from time to time to allow for inflation.

  10. Kiribati - Social security (general standards) - Law, Act

    Workmen's Compensation (Amendment) Act, 1994 - Act No.3 of 1994

    Adoption: 1994-06-10 | KIR-1994-L-69663

    Amends Section 7 of the Workmen's Compensation Act (Cap 102) to increase the compensation payable in cases where death results and in cases of permanent total incapacity.

  11. Kiribati - Social security (general standards) - Law, Act

    Workmen's Comensation Ordinance (Cap. 102) - Act No. 6 of 1949

    Adoption: 1949-07-25 | KIR-1949-L-69661

    Sets forth compensation available to workers injured at the workplace. Provides for compensation in the event of fatal cases; those involving total, partial and temporary incapacity; and occupational diseases.

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