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Country: Ethiopia - Subject: Occupational safety and health

  1. Ethiopia - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Mining Operations (Amendment) Proclamation No.1213/2020. - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2020-07-14 | ETH-2020-L-112606

  2. Ethiopia - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal Control Proclamation No. 1090/2018. - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2018-09-17 | ETH-2018-L-109315

    This Proclamation shall have the following objectives:
    1/ Create a system for the environmentally sound management and disposal of hazardous Waste
    2/ Prevent the damage to the human or animal health, the environment, biodiversity and property due to the mismanagement of hazardous waste.

  3. Ethiopia - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Pesticide Registration and Control Proclamation No. 674/2010. (żżżż-żżż żżżżż żżżż żżż żżż) - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2010-08-25 | ETH-2010-L-109312

    Sets out regulations for the use and control of pesticides. Repeals the Pesticide Registration and Control Special Decree No. 20/1990.

  4. Ethiopia - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Biosafety Proclamation No.655/2009. - Ethiopian Parliament

    Adoption: 2009-09-09 | ETH-2009-L-85139

    The objective of this Proclamation is to protect human and animal health, biological diversity and in general, the environment , local communities and the country at large by preventing or at least managing down to levels of insignificance the adverse effects of modified organisms.

  5. Ethiopia - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Ethiopian Building Proclamation No. 624/2009. - Ethiopian Parliament

    Adoption: 2009-05-06 | ETH-2009-L-85146

    Provides for the regulation of the construction industry. Section 26 deals with employment of registered professionals and section 27 with the employment of registered contractors. Also provides specific measures with respect to health (water etc.) and safety.

    Repeals Articles 8 to 14 of the Urban Zoning and Building Permit Proclamation No. 316/1987.

  6. Ethiopia - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Radiation Protection Proclamation No. 571/2008. - Ethiopian Parliament Information

    Adoption: 2008-04-21 | ETH-2008-L-85149

    Provides for protection schemes are introduced with respect to radiation use. Establishes an Authority to regulate radiation sources and related practices in order to protect individuals, society and environment in current and future generation against the harmful effects of radiation. Strengthens radiation protection activities by defining the legal responsibilities of persons, who are in charge of radiation safety and security of radiation sources, and by providing appropriate sanctions against persons who cause radiation exposure in excess of the acceptable level.

  7. Ethiopia - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Registration and Control of Construction Machinery Proclamation No. 177/1999. - Ethiopian Parliament

    Adoption: 1999-06-29 | ETH-1999-L-85163

    Sets out the objectives, the powers and duties of the Ministry of Works and Urban Development including the power to issue Directives and Regulations concerning machinery.

  8. Ethiopia - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Environmental Protection Authority Establishment Proclamation (No. 9 of 1995). - Ethiopian Parliament

    Adoption: 1995-08-24 | Date of entry into force: 1995-08-24 | ETH-1995-L-47317

  9. Ethiopia - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Proclamation to Provide for the Establishment of the Defence Industry Commission (No. 313 of 1987).

    Adoption: 1987-04-20 | ETH-1987-L-4565

    Provides for the establishment of the Commission, whose powers and duties include setting and supervising standards of industrial safety and health protection for defence industry enterprises (s. 5(6)).

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