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Country: Barbados - Subject: Domestic workers

  1. Barbados - Domestic workers - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    The Domestic Employees (Rate of Pay and Hours of Duty) Order, 1982 (S.I. 1982 No. 81)

    Adoption: 1982-05-04 | Date of entry into force: 1982-05-26 | BRB-1982-R-52088

    Sets the minimum rate of pay that a domestic employee may receive and the maximum hours per week during which a domestic employee may work. Working in excess of these maximum hours is only possible with the employee's permission.

  2. Barbados - Domestic workers - Law, Act

    Domestic Employees (Hours of Duty) (Amendment) Act. No. 10.

    Adoption: 1982-03-19 | BRB-1982-L-10292

    Am Act to amend the Domestic Employees (Hours of Duty) Act [Cap. 344]. Alters the title of the principal Act to read "the Domestic Employees Act" and inserts a new s. 3A (Minimum wage and maximum hours of duty).

  3. Barbados - Domestic workers - Law, Act

    Domestic Employees Act (Ch. 344, L.R.O. 1985) - Acts on-line

    Adoption: 1961-07-01 | BRB-1961-L-51921

    Provides for the regulation of hours of domestic employees.

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