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Nom original: Bekendtgørelse (Nr 151 af 2016) om anerkendelse af erhvervsmæssige kvalifikationer erhvervet i udlandet.
Nom: Order (No. 151 of 2016) on the recognition of professional qualifications obtained abroad.
Pays: Danemark
Sujet(s): Education, orientation et formation professionnelles
Type de loi: Règlement, Décret, Arrêté, Ordonnance
Adopté le: 2016-02-25
Entry into force:
ISN: DNK-2016-R-107387
Lien: https://www.ilo.org/dyn/natlex/natlex4.detail?p_isn=107387&p_lang=fr
Bibliographie: Order online in Danish Order online in Danish Ministry of Employment, Retsinformation, www.retsinformation.dk, Denmark, 11 pp. PDF in Danish PDF in Danish (consulté le 2018-11-07)
Résumé/Citation: Contains 21 articles and 8 chapters concerning, inter alia:

Chapter 1: Scope of the Act.
Chapter 2: General provisions.
Chapter 3: Recognition of professional qualifications for permanent employment.
Chapter 4: Pre-qualification of professional qualifications for temporary or occasional work.
Chapter 5: Documentation.
Chapter 6: Dispensation.
Chapter 7: Complaints and penalties.
Chapter 8: Entry into force.

Appendix 1: Overview of applicable education requirements in occupational safety legislation.
Appendix 2: Overview of areas where prior professional control of professional qualifications is required as the profession is of importance to public health and safety and because the prior check is justified by avoiding serious damage to the health and safety of the recipient.
Appendix 3: Overview of areas where there is no prior checking of the professional qualifications of persons whose professional qualifications are acquired in other EU countries, EEA countries or countries which have agreements with the EU, which intend to work temporarily or occasionally in Denmark.
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