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Please read the following carefully before using the attached photograph(s) for any purpose:


As requested, you (hereinafter called "the user") have just received a photograph (hereinafter called "the photo") from the photo library of the International Labour Office (ILO). The photo supplied is copyrighted and remains the full property of the International Labour Organization. Taking possession of the photo with the intention of using it, the user confirms that he/she has taken full cognizance of, and accepts, the following conditions:

1/ The International Labour Office, in the name of the International Labour Organization, hereby authorizes the user to use the photo, according to his/her request, and at no charge to the user, as long as the user conforms to the present conditions and to any supplementary restrictions which the ILO may impose at any time. The right to use the photo is accorded only for a single, unique use, to the exclusion of all other simultaneous or posterior use not expressly requested and authorized.

2/ The user agrees:

a) Not to copy, duplicate, or transmit the photo or a representation thereof in any form whatsoever with the aim of reselling it;

b) Not to use the photo or its representation on the Internet or on any online server;

c) Not to use the photo for a purpose contrary to the objectives of the ILO, or to human dignity and respect.

d) Not to use ILO photographs containing people to promote any product or idea which differs from their actual activity as shown in the photographs;

e) To respect the sense and the context of any caption supplied with the photo;

f) To include the obligatory copyright notice (" International Labour Organization/[name of the photographer]") on the reproduction medium, whatever the nature of the reproduction, of the representation, or of the interpretation of the photo;

g) Not to proceed with a use of the photo, including its reproduction, representation, adaptation, publication, distribution, or diffusion, which is not expressly authorized by the ILO, nor to arrange for such use by a third party; to inform the ILO of any breach of its copyright for the photo of which the user becomes aware.

3/ The ILO reserves the right to modify the present conditions and to impose additional conditions on the authorization for the use of the photo. The ILO can revoke the authorization at any time after having given reasonable notice of its intention to do so.

4/ In the case of non-respect of any one of the present conditions, the ILO can revoke the authorization for the use of the photo with immediate effect, without prejudice to any other recourse.

5/ In the case of revocation of the authorization for the use of the photo by the ILO, the user agrees to return to the ILO, without delay, all examples or copies of the photo in the user's possession or, should that not be reasonably possible taking into account the nature of the medium used, to destroy them and to certify their destruction to the ILO in writing.
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Last update: Sunday - 23 September 2018