Bangladesh National Qualifications Framework (BNQF) Report

The BNQF has been formulated to ensure that qualification outcomes remain relevant and nationally consistent, continue to support flexible qualifications linkages and pathways enable national and international portability and comparability of qualifications. This BNQF report is an evolving document and to be reviewed as and when necessary.

Bangladesh National Qualifications Framework (BNQF) is an internationally benchmarked national instrument for the development, classification, and recognition of skills, knowledge, and attitudes along a continuum of agreed levels. It is a fundamental tool in bringing about quality changes in the education and training system, and it provides the structure for developing, describing, and systematizing relationships between qualifications. The BNQF makes qualifications transparent and understandable for teachers, students, employers and the community at large. Such transparency enables teachers to know what they teach, students to know what they learn, and employers and the community to know what to expect of graduates.
The BNQF provides for the comparability of qualifications and shows how a learner can progress from one level to another. It provides the basis for improving the quality, accessibility, linkages as well as public and labour market recognition of qualifications both nationally and internationally.