Skills for green jobs in Bangladesh

This research report attempts to identify strategic skills development responses of Bangladesh in the light of environmental degradation, climate change and the global call for greening economies. It finds that climate change has already emerged as a serious challenge to development in general and poverty reduction in particular. The fragile ecological situation is under continuous threats from environmental degradation. But the policy priorities for greening the economy remains limited. General environmental strategy and, for that matter, skills development strategy in response to greening the economy are inadequate.

Main greening shifts in the economy and the labour market of Bangladesh have taken place strongly in renewable energy, but rather weakly in materials management, telecommunication and transport. The shifts in the sectors other than renewable energy remain weak primarily due to inadequate policy and institutional support. Skills for green jobs are instrumental in bringing about the desired change for sustainable development. Bangladesh has embarked on several policies and programmes for adaptation to climate change and mitigation of its adverse impact, but it has no policy for the formation and development of skills for greening the economy.