A national technical and vocational qualification framework for Bangladesh

This paper describes the National Technical and Vocational Qualifications Framework (NTVQF) proposed for Bangladesh. The proposal was developed after review of qualification frameworks in other countries and local consultations with government, private sector and NGO groups. The proposed framework ranges from NTVQF 1 (equivalent to current National Skills Certificate 1) for a basic skilled worker to NTVQF 4 for a skilled worker. There are two levels higher, NTVQF 5 for a highly skilled worker or supervisor and NTVQF 6 equivalent to Diploma level or equivalent.

An innovative aspect of the proposed NTVQF is the two pre-vocational levels below the NTVQF 1 level intended for pre-vocation trainees. The paper also identifies the pathways to various education streams and entry points for under-privileged groups, low educated groups, year 8 completers and apprentices. The proposal is now with the government for consideration.