Mapping and analysis of growth-oriented industrial sub-sectors and their skill requirements in Bangladesh

This report describes findings of research including a survey of 36 Bangladesh enterprises intended to identity: (i) sectors which are competitive and demonstrate growth potential, and (ii) the type of skills that will be required by these sectors in the coming years. For the purpose of selecting sub-sectors of the kind mentioned above, an analysis was undertaken of the pattern of growth, export performance, employment and productivity of manufacturing sub-sectors.

Eight priority industrial sub-sectors for skills development and training were indentified: Agro-Food Processing; Information Technology; Transport Equipment; Leather and Leather Products; Ceramics; Pharmaceuticals; Furniture and Textiles. The study findings provided the basis on which TVET Reform Project staff selected three industrial sub-sectors (highlighted above) as thrust sectors for project activities. Information technology was selected to provide a service sector for focus.