Availability of data related to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Bangladesh

This study has attempted to map the sources of TVET-related data and assess their availability, reliability, and coverage. It will contribute to the development of a database on TVET to better inform the delivery planning and resource allocation decisions and assess progress in the TVET sector, and has addressed the need for improved the data collection and data management for TVET in Bangladesh.

Studies conducted under the PRSP estimated that TVET graduates’ employability is higher than that of the general education graduates. There is also a significant difference in employment rates by type of courses. Usually for half of graduates it takes around six months to get a job, while for other graduates it may take about one year. No significant difference has been found in the employability of graduates from both, public and private institutions. The lowest employment rates were among the SSC (Voc) graduates (4%) and HSC (BM) graduates (5%). Most of such graduates transited to further education. These courses appear to be catering to the youth with white-collar job aspirations who can afford pursuing higher education.