Latest: Improving Working Conditions in the Ready-Made Garment Sector in Bangladesh (RMGP Programme)


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    Ryder: Rana Plaza legacy must be improved working conditions globally

    03 April 2014

    The ILO Director-General highlights the human cost of poor working conditions and calls for action to ensure the Rana Plaza tragedy is not repeated.

  2. Garment industry in Bangladesh

    UK's Minister Visits Rana Plaza Survivors Rehabilitation Programme

    Visiting UK’s Minister of State for International Development, Alan Duncan expressed his satisfaction at the progress made by the Rana Plaza Survivors Rehabilitation Programme in last one year, during a visit to Savar and termed the stories of the survivors as ‘Inspiring’.

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    ILO Deputy Director-General on first Rana Plaza payments: "Good news for the NWB workers affected and we must also focus on all the victims"

    17 March 2014

  4. Press release

    Norway funds effort to strengthen labour rights, improve occupational health and safety for 4,000 Bangladeshi workers in garment, leather and shrimp sectors

    16 March 2014

    "Decent Work and fair globalization are important and related objectives on the Norwegian Government’s agenda. Everybody must enjoy basic workers’ rights, work in an environment where standards are respected, and receive their share of the wealth created,” stated H. E. Ms Merete Lundemo, Ambassador of Norway to Bangladesh.

  5. Press release

    Union registrations rise sharply in Bangladesh garment sector: New labour laws pave way to improve conditions, workers’ rights

    20 February 2014

    The 30 labour officials examined recent changes to labour laws in Bangladesh, which will promote workers’ rights, and facilitate the registration of new trade unions.


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    Working conditions

    ILO report presents a path to sustainable growth in Bangladesh

    18 November 2013

    The new study by the ILO's Research Department presents a series of policies to achieve both economic growth and decent working conditions in Bangladesh.

  2. Studies on Growth with Equity

    Bangladesh: Seeking better employment conditions for better socioeconomic outcomes

    18 November 2013

    The report analyses the country’s economic growth driven by its ready-made garment (RMG) sector and contains recommendations to make this growth more sustainable and improve working conditions in Bangladesh.

  3. ILO Blog

    A tireless pursuit of change

    24 October 2013

    A few days after taking up his new post as Director of the ILO Country Office in Bangladesh, Srinivas Reddy found himself with a huge task ahead: the aftermath of the Rana Plaza tragedy. He soon realized that the building collapse was not just about making garment factories in Bangladesh safer, it was also about changing rules and regulations worldwide.

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    Emerging from the ruins of Rana Plaza

    24 October 2013

    Six months on from the Rana Plaza building collapse, the ILO is helping survivors develop new skills and find jobs. Three workers who survived the tragedy talked to ILO News about their way back into employment.

  5. Press release

    Major ILO programme aims to make Bangladesh garment industry safer

    22 October 2013

    The US$24m programme has been developed with government, workers and employers in Bangladesh, in response to a number of accidents that have hit the country’s ready-made garment industry.