52 new positions created for Bangladesh Technical Education Board to Implement NTVQF

The Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) will be able to recruit 52 new staff through that new recruitment rules published in the Government Gazette on May 28, 2015. The new staff are needed to help the BTEB implement the new National Technical and Vocational Qualifications Framework.

News | 08 April 2015
This is a significant achievement for Bangladesh’s new skills development system, as capacity issues at BTEB have hindered widespread adoption of the NTVQF. The BTEB is responsible for quality assurance of the new skills development system. The existing Competency Based Training Cell at the BTEB will be expanded to house more staff.
The new staff at BTEB will have a variety of responsibilities including;

• inspection of institutions which need to become registered training organizations in order to run the new NTVQF programmes;
• supporting assessment centres to organize assessment of persons who have taken training or those who want to take apprenticeship or recognition of prior learning routes to a qualification;
• issuing the new, nationally-recognised NTVQF qualifications.

In addition, BTEB staff will also continue to engage at the front end of new programme development by working with industry to develop national competency standards for occupations, and certifying trainers to deliver competency based training.

The ILO is currently working with the Government of Bangladesh to help reform the skills development system through two major initiatives; a CAD19.5 million grant from Canada for the Bangladesh Skills for Employment and Productivity (B-SEP) Project, and USD14 million grant from the European Union for the TVET Reform Project.

See the National Skills Development Policy (English/Bangla) here