10-General Points on Fire Safety in the Workplace

Article | 24 April 2014



10-General Points on Fire Safety in the Workplace

1.     Avoid overloading circuits;

2.     Turn off non-essential electrical equipment at the end of each workday;

3.     Keep storage areas, work areas, pathways, corridors, substations, and boiler rooms clear of


4.     Only conduct cutting and welding operations after obtaining necessary permits by authorized

personnel, and perform in designated well ventilated and protected areas;

5.     Immediately report hazards to superiors;

6.     Know the factory fire safety management plan and evacuation procedures;

7.     Ensure hazardous materials are properly stored and protected

8.     Exercise evacuation drills

9.     Establish and maintain communication link with DFSCD

10.  Know the proper type and use of fire extinguishers