Foundational training for Bangladesh labour inspectors comes to a close

A comprehensive labour inspection training programme which has seen 239 inspectors gain the skills needed to boost working conditions and worker safety in Bangladesh has ended.

Labour Secretary Mikail Shipar awards one of the course participants

Launched in August 2015, the 40-day foundational training course for labour inspectors was developed by the Department of Inspections for Factories and Establishments (DIFE) and Bangladesh Institute of Administration and Management (BIAM) with the support of the International Labour Organization’s Improving Working Conditions in the Ready-made Garment Sector Programme funded by Canada, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom as well as the ILO’s International Training Centre in Turin.

The course covers a wide range of subjects that will enhance the professional skills of inspectors. These include labour market-related policies and programmes, Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), International Labour Standards and Bangladesh Labour Laws. It also covers areas such as the Bangladesh and global economy, government service rules, procedures, team work and office management.

Speaking at a ceremony held at the Bangladesh Institute of Administration and Management (BIAM) Mr Mikail Shipar, Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Employment said, “This course plays a major role in the Government of Bangladesh’s efforts to support the ongoing reform of the labour inspectorate so that it can effectively oversee workplace safety and worker rights.”

ILO Deputy Director Gagan Rajbhandari said, “By providing both newly recruited as well as more established staff a deep grounding in key areas this course has created a foundation of skilled inspectors upon which the labour inspectorate can further build its efforts to effectively carry out its mandate.”

Held at BIAM, the training took place in six batches. Of the 239 inspectors trained 53 were women while those who took part included newly recruited inspectors as well as more experienced colleagues. The course has been institutionalized into the DIFE reform roadmap and will become a standard training package for any new inspectors who join the labour inspectorate.

ILO is working closely with DIFE to enhance the capacity of the labour inspectorate. In addition to supporting training activities, ILO is also helping develop improved labour inspection procedures and systems that will help DIFE carry out its role more effectively.