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Welcome to the public information section, covering the ILO activities in Bangladesh. This page acts as a gateway to English and Bengali language information materials ranging from project publications to press releases, newsletters and brochures, speeches and photo gallery. You can also find contact details for the ILO’s communications staff based at the ILO-Dhaka office, also the project focal person, and the library services provide details of its publications.

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  1. Press release

    Bangladesh Government, employers and workers organizations sign integrated national action plan on fire safety and structural integrity in the garment sector

    25 July 2013

    The plan brings together the National Tripartite Plan of Action on Fire Safety in the RMG Sector signed on March 24, 2013 in response to the Tazreen factory fire and the Joint Tripartite Statement adopted on May 4 in the wake of the Rana Plaza tragedy.

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    International labour standards

    ILO statement on reform of Bangladesh labour law

    22 July 2013

    Amendments to the Bangladesh labour Act 2006 were adopted on 15 July 2013. Its conformity with international labour standards ratified by Bangladesh will be reviewed by the ILO supervisory machinery later in the year.

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    Cooperation against trafficking

    New support to protect girls and women from ‘modern day slavery’

    15 July 2013

    The ILO and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) partner to combat trafficking of women and girls with major new project in South Asia and the Middle East.

  4. Fighting forced labour

    Question and answers on Work In Freedom programme

    15 July 2013

    The 5-year joint DFID/ILO programme aims to prevent over 100,000 girls and women from South Asia from falling victim to child and labour trafficking.

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    “Work in Freedom” Programme

    DFID, ILO to launch new initiative to tackle trafficking of women and girls

    10 July 2013

  6. Workplace safety

    ILO, EU, Bangladesh government adopt new compact on garment factory safety

    10 July 2013

    The new compact aims to improve health and safety, labour rights and responsible business conduct in Bangladesh’s ready-made garment industry.

  7. Video

    APYouthNet Talk Show #21 - Multinational enterprises and youth employment

    02 July 2013

    Can multinational enterprises operating in developing countries be a force for good? Find out on the latest APYouthNet Talk Show with H&M's Manager for Social Sustainability.

  8. Press release

    Working for a higher skilled garments sector in Bangladesh: Using corporate social responsibility to bridge the gap between training and employment

    02 July 2013

    Gazipur Technical School and College (TSC) today celebrated the graduation of the first batch and the inauguration of the second batch of sewing machine operator trainees in a new corporate social responsibility partnership. The partnership brings together Gazipur TSC, CARE Bangladesh, IDLC, Far East Knitting, Interfab Shirt Manufacturing, TRZ Group and the International Labour Organisation with the goal of improving the skills of Bangladeshi workers.

  9. Bangladesh

    Solar home systems: Lighting the way to a greener world of work in Bangladesh

    25 June 2013

    While the national grid reaches many areas of Bangladesh, most of the country’s 142 million inhabitants live in rural areas and 70 per cent of them are not connected. Most rely on kerosene fuelled lamps for lighting and petrol or diesel-fired generators for other power needs. Solar power is increasingly seen as a convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly alternative for many in Bangladesh.

  10. Press release

    Bangladesh's Kamran T. Rahman Elected Vice President of the International Labour Conference

    09 June 2013

    The former head of the Bangladesh Employers Federation, Mr Kamran Rahman has been elected as a Vice-President of the 2013 International Labour Conference (ILC), the annual meeting of the membership of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the United Nations specialized agency that deals with work and work-place related issues.