Professional conciliation in collective labour disputes: a practical guide

This Guide was developed as a sub-regional tool to support dispute prevention and resolution in Central and Eastern European countries.

The Guide was prepared as a revision of the ILO Practical Guide on Conciliation in Industrial Disputes, which was first developed in 1973 and updated in 1988. Kevin Foley and Maedhbh Cronin authored this revision so as to update the contents in order to take account of environmental, economic, practice and other changes which have taken place in the field of conciliation/mediation in more recent decades. The Guide also contains case studies from a number of European dispute resolution agencies so as to illustrate how conciliation/mediation actually works to assist collective bargaining and settle collective labour disputes. It is intended for use as a training tool in the ITC Certification Course on Conciliation/Mediation and in the sub-region, and will subsequently be published as a global tool with case studies from other regions.