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Ms Zhulieta Harasani

“Skenderbej” Street ,
Gurten Building, 2nd floor,


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Albania is under the responsibility of the ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team and Country Office for Central and Eastern Europe.

The ILO and Albania

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    About the ILO in Albania

    Strong recovery and the same labour market challenges as before the pandemic

    Albania has achieved important development results over the past two decades. The country managed to catch up with EU. While the per capita income was only 18 per cent of the average EU income in 2000, it increased to 32 per cent in 2021. However, the per capita income is still one of the lowest in Europe and the convergence needs to be accelerated. Demographic challenges (aging of the population and continuous emigration), a limited structural transformation (with a third of the workforce employed in agriculture), and incomplete economic and governance reforms hold back the country.   Continue reading