May 2012

  1. ILO-AICESIS International Conference

    8 May 2012

    The International Association of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions (AICESIS) and the ILO jointly organize a conference on the “Social Protection Floor for an Inclusive and Fair Globalization” in Geneva on 8-9 May 2012 with the participation of ILO Director-General Juan Somavia.

  2. ITUC Trade Union Development Cooperation Network

    7 - 9 May 2012

    The ILO-Brussels, with the European Commission (EC), the rotating Council presidency and the Danish employers’ confederation, participated at the ITUC Trade Union Development Cooperation Network on 8 May 2012 in Helsingor, Denmark. The meeting reflected on better integrating social dialogue in EU development cooperation policies and programmes.

April 2012

  1. ILO - Flanders Conference "Towards an inclusive and green economy: the importance of green jobs"

    23 April 2012

    The Government of Flanders and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) have a long standing cooperation, that has developed into a full-fledged partnership over the years. Within the framework of this cooperation, the Government of Flanders, the ILO and Social and Economic Council of Flanders (SERV) organise a conference on how to make a just transition: a transition that delivers greater social inclusion and quality employment opportunities for all. This conference builds on the knowledge obtained at the Flemish stakeholder forum Rio+20 on 3 October 2011.

  2. Training session "Identifying and investigating cases of forced labour and trafficking"

    16 - 20 April 2012

    Organized by the ILO International Training Centre in Turin.

March 2012

  1. ILO Consultation in Brussels: "Decent Work for Youth – the EU Dimension"

    16 March 2012

    On 16 March 2012, the ILO and the EESC co-organised a Consultation in Brussels, titled Decent Work for Youth – the EU Dimension. This event took place in the run-up to the ILO's 2012 International Labour Conference (ILC), where a discussion on Youth Employment will be held. The ILO is organizing 45 national and regional ILO consultations on youth employment around the world in March 2012. The results of the Brussels Consultation will be used as an input for the June 2012 International Labour Conference, and for the ILO Youth Employment forum taking place on 23-25 May 2012.

  2. OSE Lunchtime Session: "Is the European Governance of the Crisis consistent with International Labour Standards?"

    15 March 2012

    With Rudi Delarue, Director, International Labour Office (ILO). Discussant: Georges Dassis, President of the Worker's Group of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

February 2012

  1. EUROMED Employment and Labour High Level Working Group

    14 February 2012

    The EUROMED Employment and Labour High Level Working Group took place on 14 February 2012 in Brussels. Dorothea Schmidt, Senior Expert on Employment Policy of the ILO Cairo Office, provided a detailed overview of the employment and decent work challenges in the region and identified priorities for action

October 2011

  1. United Nations Day in Brussels

    23 October 2011

    On the occasion of United Nations Day which commemorates the foundation of the organisation, the United Nations in Brussels organizes an information village at the Brussels Grand-Place and a reflexion meeting in the City Hall.

  2. Book presentation "Trade and Employment - From Myths to Facts"

    21 October 2011 - 31 January 2012

    Presentation of the book "Trade and Employment - From Myths to Facts", organized by the ILO and the European Commission (Directoraate-General Development & Cooperation EuropeAid)

  3. ILO High-Level Brainstorming Conference on economic, employment and social prospects in Europe

    3 - 4 October 2011

    The ILO High-Level Brainstorming Conference, jointly organized by the ILO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia and the ILO International Institute for Labour Studies, will bring together fifteen prominent international experts as well as representatives of governments, members of the European Parliament, employers and workers to discuss and develop solutions through which the region can achieve social equality, job-centeredness and competivity.