EU Agencies

  • Eurofound:the ILO has a longstanding cooperation with the European Agency for Improving Living and Working Conditions in the EU. Eurofound was the first EU agency and its establishment was a direct outcome of the first European social action programme (1973). The board of Eurofound is tripartite, involving employers, workers and the public authorities (Member States and European Commission). The ILO and Eurofound cooperate on a wide variety of issues such as youth employment, restructuring and managing change, wages, working conditions, collective bargaining, industrial relations and social dialogue.
  • EU-OSHA: since the creation of the tripartite European Agency for Health and Safety at Work (located in Bilbao), the ILO and EU-OSHA have cooperated intensively on the dissemination of information, knowledge, tools and good practices on health and safety at work. Both the ILO Conventions and EU Directives on health and safety at work were adopted in the same period, starting in 1985, and were influenced at that time by, for example, the Swedish views and concepts on well-being at work.
  • FRA: the ILO and the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA, Vienna) have intensified their cooperation in recent years on issues such as the fundamental rights of migrant workers. In 2014, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), together with the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU, held its annual Fundamental Rights Conference which was dedicated to the topic of Fundamental Rights and migration to the EU. Fundamental Rights Conference 2014 "Fundamental rights and migration to the EU" : Conference conclusions