Focus of Luxembourgish development cooperation

Luxembourg implements development projects with a focus on 12 partner countries: Burkina Faso, Mali, Kosovo, Niger, Senegal, Cape Verde, Laos, Vietnam, El Salvador, Mongolia, Myanmar and Nicaragua.

Thematic priorities are education, including vocational training and access to employment, health, local development, micro finance and inclusive financial sectors.

Luxembourg as ILO donor

The ILO’s contacts are with the Ministries of Labour, Social Security and Development Cooperation. The implementing agency of the Development Cooperation ministry is Lux-Development.

In November 2016, Luxembourg signed a new Partnership Agreement with the ILO, according to which it will support development cooperation activities through both un-earmarked contributions as well as programme funding in Luxembourg’s partner countries.

In recent years, Luxembourg has been an important contributor to the ILO’s Regular Budget Supplementary Account (RBSA), which has emerged as a key funding modality in advancing the Decent Work Agenda in countries eligible for Official Development Assistance (ODA).

Luxembourg has funded several programmes on vocational training and small business development in Western Africa, social security in Laos, employment intensive programmes in Senegal and Mali, and strengthening of the public services sector in Central Asia. An overview of Luxembourg-funded projects can be found in the ILO brochure on ILO-Luxembourg cooperation results.