Not With Us, Not For Us: Inclusive Partnerships for Reform

Under a European Union funded programme to reform social protection, the ILO is providing technical assistance to support efforts that strengthen the adequacy, coverage and sustainability of the social protection system in Iraq.

Throughout its engagement with stakeholders, the ILO implemented various initiatives of diverse nature. The aim of this documentation is to present a comprehensive overview of these initiatives, highlighting the valuable lessons learned regarding the significance of a consultative approach to development.

By showcasing the range of actions undertaken and their outcomes, this documentation seeks to underscore the positive impact that consultative meetings can have on driving meaningful change and fostering sustainable development in Iraq.

By highlighting both the achievements and the consultative process that led to them, this documentation serves as a testament to Iraq's commitment to progress and its dedication to building a socially inclusive and economically prosperous nation. It underscores the importance of collaboration, dialogue, and evidence-based decision-making as key drivers of successful reforms in the pursuit of a better future for all Iraqi citizens.