1. Supporting Ministry of Labour and Social Development in analysis, policy and capacity development

    1 December 2018 - 31 December 2020,

    Based on a direct request from the Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Development (MLSD), the ILO has developed a Development Cooperation project to provide technical assistance and policy advice in a number of key thematic areas, which support the KSA to implement Vision 2030 and other national initiatives.

  2. EU-ILO collaboration in the monitoring of labour aspects in the implementation of the EU’s rules of origin initiative for Jordan (Phase II)

    1 December 2018 - 31 December 2020, Jordan

    The project, in its second phase, implements interventions aimed at supporting the EU-Jordan Agreement on the relaxation of the rules of origin (RoO). The agreement facilitates access of specific Jordanian product categories to the EU market while creating incentives for Jordanian employers to recruit Syrian workers in addition to their Jordanian employees, in order to meet the requirements under the Jordan Compact.

  3. SKILL-UP Lebanon

    1 August 2018 - 31 December 2020, Ethiopia

  4. Countering the Recruitment and Use of Child Soldiers in Yemen (CRUCSY)

    1 September 2018 - 30 September 2020,

    The CRUSCY programme is a two-year program in Yemen funded by the United States Department of State. The overall objective of the programme is to prevent the recruitment of children and youth as child soldiers and to sustainably reintegrate children formally associated with the conflict in Hajjah, Sanaa, and Lahj governorates in Yemen.

  5. Support to the development of employment policies in the occupied Palestinian territory

    1 September 2017 - 31 August 2020,

    The ILO and the Palestinian Authority are working to create a policy framework and develop relevant mechanisms to improve the labour market and employment situation in the country.

  6. Addressing the Worst Forms of Child Labour - The Jordanian Agriculture Sector

    1 July 2019 - 30 June 2020, Jordan

    This project seeks to substantially reduce the incidence of the worst forms of child labour in the agriculture sector among host communities and Syrian refugees in Jordan.

  7. Advancing decent work under the Jordan Compact: Work permits and their impact on decent work for Syrian workers in Jordan

    1 January 2019 - 30 April 2020, Jordan

    The overall objective of the research is to contribute to and advance the evidence base on the impact of work permit regulations and procedures governing Syrians’ access to the labour market in Jordan and feed into advocacy and policymaking. 

  8. Towards improved formal and non-formal Technical Vocational & Education Training in lebanon

    2 January 2017 - 31 March 2020, Lebanon

    The joint ILO/UNICEF programme will implement activities to address the challenges and needs identified within the formal and non-formal TVET sector mapping at both policy level and capacity development level of service providers.

  9. Land and Rights – Paths to Social and Solidarity Economy in Palestine

    28 January 2019 - 27 January 2020,

    The project aims at contributing to the respect of economic and social rights for the Palestinian population.


  1. Informal Economy and Vulnerability Sample Survey to assess the labour market impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Lebanon

    1 October 2018 - 31 December 2019,

    The ILO is commissioning an Informal Economy and Vulnerability study, targeting the most vulnerable populations among Lebanese, Syrian Refugees and Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon to provide currently unavailable information on the supply and demand sides of Lebanon’s labour market.