Changing the discourse on migration

To mutually reinforce its policy and regulatory goals, FAIRWAY will apply behavioural change strategies to address discriminatory policies, practices and attitudes at the level of employers, the general public, and policymakers themselves. This approach is intended to reduce resistance to policy change and ensure implementation of existing rights. Building on the ILO’s experience in Asia, FAIRWAY will conduct research into public attitudes of migrants in several target countries to examine how these attitudes are formed. The findings will serve to obtain baseline data and design behaviour change interventions, including social awareness campaigns, as well as to formulate policy recommendations to reduce discrimination.

As inaccurate media reporting and sensationalism can lead to misinformation on migration realities and to negative public attitudes towards migrant workers, FAIRWAY will work with the media to encourage balanced reporting. The programme will also review media coverage of labour migration, forced labour, and working conditions according to an agreed methodology, and measure changes in language and reporting style.

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