Private sector engagment

Many conditions of abuse and exploitation in the workplace start at the point of recruitment for migrant workers in African countries of origin. Based on an analysis of the political economy in each country, FAIRWAY engages with employers’ organisations, associations of private recruitment agencies and individual recruiters. Employers’ organizations,  a key constituent of the ILO, are critical partners in reforming labour migration governance structures and practices. The private sector continues to be an important player in discussions around fair recruitment and workers’ welfare at a local level - directly with local companies, national level Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and business councils, and global levels – with the International Organisation for Employers (IOE) and industry initiatives such as Building Responsibly.   

Accordingly, FAIRWAY works with the aforementioned actors to identify impactful ways to contribute to the professionalization of the selected sectors, encourage the emergence of sound business models based on employers’ and governments’ payment of recruitment fees and related costs, and to support associations of private recruitment agencies to implement fair recruitment charters aligned to international labour standards and the ILO’s General Principles and Operational Guidelines on Fair Recruitment and the Definition of Recruitment Fees and Related Costs.

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