Employment promotion

Support to the development of employment policies in the occupied Palestinian territory

The ILO and the Palestinian Authority are working to create a policy framework and develop relevant mechanisms to improve the labour market and employment situation in the country.

The situation in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) remains volatile with continuous Israeli restrictions and settlement expansion impeding economic activity and growth. The lack of economic prospects, particularly in Gaza, as well as the heightened political and security tensions and put strain the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian men and women. The result has been limited access to economic opportunity, decent work and relatively high levels of unemployment.

As part of the second Palestinian Decent Work Programme, this project was developed to reflect the needs of the Palestinians in the area of employment promotion and decent work conditions, including an adequate minimum wage. The project includes work at the policy level as well as training activities which aim to build the capacity of targeted institutions and ministries.


  • Enhance the capacity of government and social partners to strategize labour market policies and programmes related to employment.
  • Assess the various dimensions of the minimum wage in the oPt with a view to improving the current system.


  • Building on an Employment Diagnostic Study conducted by the ILO, a National Action Plan for Employment is developed and endorsed by the government and tripartite partners.
  • Capacity of the Palestinian Authority is strengthened to deliver effective and well-coordinated employment services and programmes.
  • Quality and quantity of labour market data and information, including in the area of labour market forecasts and SDGs, is improved.
  • Build widespread support for reform of the minimum wage in the oPt.