December 2021

  1. ILO concludes violence and harassment training for stakeholders in Jordan, Palestine, Egypt

    14 December 2021

    Participants propose recommendations for violence and harassment prevention in the world of work

  2. New guidelines for ethical reporting on labour market issues in the Arab region

    04 December 2021

    The guidelines aim to provide support to journalists at all levels who wish to cover the world of work in a fair and equitable manner.

  3. UNICEF and ILO in partnership with the European Union launch a new national disability allowance to provide cash support to people with disabilities living in Lebanon

    02 December 2021

November 2021

  1. ILO releases first-ever dedicated report on social protection in the Arab States region

    30 November 2021

    The report explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated gaps in the region’s social protection, while also providing opportunities for sharp improvement.

  2. A Vehicle of Entrepreneurship for Palestinian Local Economic Development

    29 November 2021

    The ILO, the Italian Agency for International Development (AICS) and the Cooperative Works Agency (CWA) launch the Cooperative Support Programme “Be the Impact” in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

  3. New report identifies drivers of informality in Iraq’s labour market

    27 November 2021

    The report was developed in partnership between the Government, ILO, UNDP, IOM, UN Women, the European Union, the Fafo Institute for Labour and Social Research and the Cash and Livelihoods Consortium for Iraq.

  4. ILO Partners the Government of Nigeria towards Reforming Recruitment Processes and Standardizing Operational Conduct of Private Employment Agencies (PEAs)

    26 November 2021

    Arising from observed institutional and operational challenges that pervades the recruitment industry in Nigeria, the Federal Government with support from the International Labour Organization (ILO) has successfully completed a revision of the Code of Conduct for Private Employment Agencies (PEAs), introducing revised guidelines to facilitate ethical conduct of licensed recruiters of outsourced personnel.

  5. ILO and UNICEF joint initiative supports young engineers to play a key role in promoting Green Works in Iraq

    25 November 2021

    With the support of the Government of the Netherlands, the ILO and UNICEF are working together to build the capacities of selected youth to engage in Employment Intensive Investment Programme interventions aimed at improving the local environment and infrastructure. 

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    ILO in Jordan, private sector employers explore violence and harassment prevention

    22 November 2021

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) in Jordan and a group of private sector employers have explored means to enhance their engagement in creating a world of work free from violence and harassment, in alignment with Convention 190.

  7. ILO publishes report on work-related deaths and injuries in Qatar

    18 November 2021

    Report identifies gaps in data collection on work-related deaths and injuries and calls for improvements.