ILO and partners discuss efforts to expand social protection in Iraq in light of new Social Security Law

A mutli-stakeholder meeting focused on measures needed to ensure the effective enforcement of the new law by partners working closely to implement a social protection reform programme, with the support of the European Union.

Article | 19 October 2023
Baghdad, Iraq (ILO News) The ILO held a meeting with various partners in Baghdad to discuss the next steps in implementing the new Social Security Law for Workers No. 18 of 2023, months after it was passed by Parliament, introducing extensive reforms to social security in Iraq.

The new law provides an opportunity to expand the scope of coverage of social security for workers in Iraq, including informal workers, the self-employed and contributing family workers. It also introduces new entitlements, such as those related to maternity, unemployment and health insurance - to ensure that more workers and their families are better protected.

The meeting focused on measures needed to put the new law into practice by the relevant national authorities, including the roles of workers’ and employers’ organizations and cooperation mechanisms between the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, national and international partners.

The one-day event brought together representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Planning, employers’ and workers’ organizations, and UN partners - who are working together to implement an EU-funded programme to reform social protection.

Participates also discussed on-going and upcoming activities to support and develop the social security system in Iraq, under the programme, which is being jointly implemented with UNICEF and WFP.

Under the programme, the ILO has worked closely with partners in the review of the new social security law, ensuring its close alignment with ILO Social Security (Minimum Standards) Convention, 1952 (No. 102), which was ratified by the Government of Iraq in March 2023. 

It has also been providing technical assistance on several fronts to build capacities and support efforts that strengthen the adequacy, coverage and sustainability of the social protection system in Iraq. More information: Inclusive Partnerships for Reform